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Writing is really an outlet for me, a way I engage my heart, a way I process the journey with God, especially. I got my writing jumpstart six years when I started writing honestly and vulnerably about my journey as a young missionary who didn’t have a clue and who was barely getting up off […]


Snapshots of a Mom

by Laura on May 8, 2012

I have snapshots of my mother stored away in the photo album of my 30-something-year-old memory. There’s the picture of her singing resolutely “It is Well With My Soul” at a funeral– my dad’s, a 35 year-old father to four.  Then there’s the picture of a gaunt face and a bald head- hers this time, as […]


I’m excited to be guest posting over at A Deeper Story today. It’s a collective site where Christian writers post honest pieces about how faith intersects with modern culture. They ask hard questions and tackle everything from nuclear weapons to eating disorders to issues in the church. I’d be honored if you’d click over their […]


Throughout SE Asia we witness the Abandoned.  We see apartment complexes without inner walls looming above the city block, and we stumble upon entire resorts in rice fields that almost were.  Because, like in so many countries, when the funding for a building project runs out, the building stops. And then the half-finished begins to […]


Back & Around

by Laura on January 13, 2011

FYI:  You can also get to this blog via a new address:  http://www.aLifeOverseas.com.  For some people, I figured that would be easier than remembering my name.  The old address will still work, too — one of the wonders of modern technology. @Life Overseas {A photo-heavy article about jumping off a ledge.} @Life Overseas {About a […]


To Risk

by Laura on November 24, 2010

Enjoy this revision of an earlier piece about hearing and following God, posted last year when discussions of our move to SE Asia first began. We were sitting by a crackling fire on our  back porch.  There was a clear Colorado-sky overhead.  It was November, I think, and we were talking of what it means […]


Over at RELEVANT {on Prostitution}

by Laura on August 18, 2010

When it rains, it pours.  Looks like all of my guest postings happened to fall on the same week.  Go figure. This time, though, I have written something a bit different.  More factual.  More “real-article-ish.”  I would love for you to take a second and go read it.  It gives a better overview of the […]


A Birthday (Over at {In}Courage)

by Laura on August 14, 2010

If you are visiting Life Overseas from {In}Courage, WELCOME.  In a spinning world, thank you for visiting this corner of the web to glimpse into a life on Latitude 18, raising kids and loving orphans.  Feel free to subscribe to this blog and have posts sent automatically to your email or to be read in […]