My husband says I’m the writer of the family, and that he’d rather just stick to the speaking-bit. And maybe he’s right. Because he rarely writes but every time he speaks publicly he brings people to cry tears or draw swords. The man seeps inspirational leadership. And these last two years, I’ve seen him endure […]


As I write this, my husband is on an airplane right now. He has super-spyish equipment in his luggage, and we’re praying that customs doesn’t flag him for carrying in tasers and undercover camera gear. It’s the first time he’ll be back in SE Asia since we moved back to the States two and a […]


I remember back in 8th grade North Carolina History class when I first saw that horrific picture of the African slave ships- those bodies crammed inhumanely on top of one another. I remember learning about the deaths and the abuses, remember watching all eight parts of Roots with 30 other 12 year-olds. And for the […]