struggles of a life overseas


by Laura on September 19, 2010

Tuesday afternoon, I watched him lug the suitcase behind him down the stairs.  The zippers were stretched from items crammed within and a blue light saber was tucked into the outside pocket. A knot formed in the pit of my stomach, and I knew the answer before I asked it. “Where ya going, buddy?” And […]


New Girl

by Laura on September 14, 2010

She answered my questions with the minimums –one sentence or two at the most. And, try as I might, she kept responding to my best-friendly with no leading comments of her own, and then she delivered the ultimate subtle-shut-down. She asked no questions of me, the New Girl, at all. And so I busied myself […]


When You Become an Awful Person

by Laura on September 6, 2010

“What happens when trying to follow Jesus turns you into an awful person?” This was the honest question Matt and I talked about last night on our downstairs couch, in the 15 minute-window we had where the kids were asleep and we had the energy to talk about the important.  It was a question born […]