As I send my kids to public school for the first time this week, I have been reminded of the importance of asking them the right questions. Matt and I have been doing little “coaching sessions” for them in the mornings– how to be friendly, how to recognize a bully, how to respect the teacher, […]


The Box God Just Won’t Stay In

by Laura on August 12, 2012

It’s hard to reconcile the two lives I’ve lived in the past two weeks. One overlooking rice fields, the other at the foot of Pike’s Peak. One with Mississippi-summer-heat by 9 am, the other too chilly even for my cutest of skirts. One with scooters flying and orchids climbing, the other with bikes on trails […]


To say that our last two weeks have been psycho would be an understatement. There was weighing 12 suitcases that hovered at 49.8 pounds each and clearing out junk drawers we didn’t know we had  and enduring a house inspection with a Asian lady that wanted to charge us for everything. There were two days […]


This is potentially one of the most difficult posts I’ve had to write in the three years I’ve been blogging. I don’t know how to communicate in my online life the detours, false-starts, apparent-dead-ends, and surprising corners the journey in our real lives has taken– especially in the past year. I don’t know how to […]


Responsible semantics should not be underrated. The words we use when we communicate, especially when talking about Christian ministries when we’re raising funds to support them, are extremely important. Take, for example, the overuse {and misuse} of the term “human trafficking.”  Honestly, two years ago, I was fairly confused about it, too. I painted most of […]


I Do, Still. STILL.

by Laura on February 12, 2012

In honor of all the hearts floating around these days, I am re-posting a piece I wrote about eight months ago. We were just returning to Asia after a glorious six weeks in the U.S. with family and friends, good bread and better coffee, and I was wrestling with what love looks like, in a […]


The recent discussion we had here about the brutal cycle of hope and disappointment had me nodding my head as the conversation developed about dreams and the eventual crash-and-burning of those very ideals. And this early morning light finds me watching the farmers begin the process of harvesting the rice. Over the big white wall that […]


on the Go Home Days

by Laura on November 4, 2011

Today was a “Go Home Day.” Matt and I have grown to classify some days this way because there are days, sometimes entire weeks, when we’d much rather just go home— back to our community, our culture, our families, our life. And maybe it’s because we haven’t hit even the two-year mark of living overseas, […]


This week is going to be self-proclaimed “Human Trafficking Awareness Week” at aLifeOverseas.com . I have several posts coming your way about the issue of trafficking and modern day slavery, along with ways that you can {really} help. Be sure to stop back by and check it out. So perhaps you care deeply about social […]


Prayer Free-For-All

by Laura on September 29, 2011

My authentic-to-the-core husband hates praying aloud in groups so much that he typically won’t do it. Oh, he’ll sit there quietly and have epic conversations with God in his head, but you’ll seldom find him piping up and popcorn-praying-it.  He thinks his talks with God are personal, and he’d just prefer to keep them that […]


Because It Still Rings True

by Laura on September 20, 2011

matt and girls

My husband is an inspirational leader–  an Inspirational Leader. And when he worked as a student pastor, he challenged kids with Jesus-living time and again. And this week as we were looking through some old kid-videos, we found these clips from a message he gave once at the local high school during a global awareness […]