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Living The Dream

by Laura on November 20, 2015

office life

Two weeks ago, I found myself knee-deep in a gripe session to Matt about the realities of my job. Despite my instagram feed which screams of jungles and adventures and motorbikes on beaches, my day-to-day work routine is actually quite mundane, and fairly isolating, most weeks. It’s grants and spreadsheets and a billion emails. It’s […]

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Question {Church Snob}

by Laura on September 13, 2010

Okay, I’ll admit it, I am a recovering church snob. Back in the States, there was no shortage of criticisms I could hand out about any given church I happened to find myself in on a Sunday morning, or a Saturday night {if that was a cooler time to have the service}.  I’ve snubbed postmodern […]


We started Asian Language School! I write that with an exclamation point because it was a last-minute opportunity that we are so thrilled about taking.  Matt and I both are learning conversational Asian for the next six weeks, five days a week, two hours a day.  Matt goes to the morning class, and I go […]