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The Lioness and the Finger

by Laura on March 29, 2016


I took my daughter to the zoo the other day. We fed giant fish, strained to see the sleeping bears in the corner of their habitats, schemed about getting our own baby pet monkey. This particular zoo sometimes has shows with both lions and tigers mostly in the evenings for the tourists, but in the […]


The One Where I Come Clean

by Laura on August 27, 2012


I’ve written lots over the past year about the realities of sexual slavery and exploitation as we’ve come to witness them from our time in SouthEast Asia. I’ve written about street children and prostitutes and the men who visit them. I’ve told stories about stumbling into one of the worst red-light districts in the world […]


Responsible semantics should not be underrated. The words we use when we communicate, especially when talking about Christian ministries when we’re raising funds to support them, are extremely important. Take, for example, the overuse {and misuse} of the term “human trafficking.”  Honestly, two years ago, I was fairly confused about it, too. I painted most of […]


Sweetheart, I Just Don’t Know

by Laura on October 12, 2011

“We stop at the stoplight, me and my blonde children in our air-conditioned van, and she appears at my window. She holds up the flowers she is peddling, and she looks at me through the glass with brown eyes that have seen far-too-much already. My kids are dancing to Hannah Montana in the backseat eating […]

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I wanted to share this quick illustration of the three different components of the fight against human trafficking. This word-picture could be applied to many social justice issues, and I heard it first from our friends over at ZOE Children’s Homes.  Call me crazy, but I just do better with simple analogies I can understand. . […]


This week is going to be self-proclaimed “Human Trafficking Awareness Week” at . I have several posts coming your way about the issue of trafficking and modern day slavery, along with ways that you can {really} help. Be sure to stop back by and check it out. So perhaps you care deeply about social […]


the children with roses

by Laura on January 21, 2011

the children with roses

And, now, for an admittedly heavier post {in conjunction with the upcoming Idea Camp: Orphan Care Conference}. The following is about human trafficking, child labor and how complicated these problems really are.  Please know that I claim no ‘expert status’ on the issue . . . They walk the streets selling roses–  flowers in the […]