How {not} to Have a STAYcation

by Laura on April 6, 2012


Ever heard of declaring a last-minute staycation for your family? Especially when you all really need a holiday, but can’t necessarily afford to travel to some exotic-somewhere? I had never heard the term before last week when my friend listened to me whining about how we needed to take a break but didn’t have the […]


I Do, Still. STILL.

by Laura on February 12, 2012

In honor of all the hearts floating around these days, I am re-posting a piece I wrote about eight months ago. We were just returning to Asia after a glorious six weeks in the U.S. with family and friends, good bread and better coffee, and I was wrestling with what love looks like, in a […]


A New Years Activity

by Laura on December 30, 2011

If you are throwing or going to a New Year’s Eve Party and need an easy {and intentional} party game, or if you are with your family during New Year’s Day and want a simple activity to reflect on the past year, here’s an easy idea– no odd supplies, crafty-skill, or hours of dedication required, […]


What You Learn a Billion Minutes Later

by Laura on October 17, 2011

So I remembered a story this week– a story that took place about a billion minutes prior to this one.  It happened in a dirt-floored home where wine was poured from pottery, where feet were washed and figs were dessert. It was a home that rivaled the southern-hospitality I know, though the guests probably sat […]


Treasure {A Letter to My Daughter}

by Laura on August 16, 2011

My daughter, Ava, turned four years- old this Saturday.  She’s the baby of the family, and I would be lying to say that there’s something about the last one that begs me to slow down more, that awakens this insatiable desire to video long snatches of nothing-much, for fear I’ll forget her, forget them.  And […]


on Self-Discovery

by Laura on July 24, 2011

I wrote this before I left for our recent visit to the States, about 8 weeks ago. . . I’ve found out a lot about myself this past year and a half.  An older missionary who’s logged twenty years overseas once told me that, “Living in SE Asia grew her and her children up,” and […]


*Last chance to enter the giveaway for Asian rings, my thanks to you for being involved in this web-space. Just click ‘like’ on the facebook page.  More details are here. There are a few voices in the blog world that truly cause me to pause.  And soak in beauty, appreciate art a little more, and […]


Weeds in Vases {A Mother’s Day Poem}

by Laura on May 7, 2011

To all the mothers who exclaim, “They’re gorgeous!” even though they’re far from a dozen-red, To those women who take from pudgy, happy hands gifts from an unmowed patch of lawn, And reach down the glass vase– the special one, And display on table-top or at sink-side, The love-offerings of childhood. To all mothers, who […]


Is Taking Vacation Like Pulling Teeth?

by Laura on May 2, 2011

Our family is heading down south to the beach this week. It’s one of our first official family vacations with just we-five, and the anticipation has carried us through the past month. But, it’s hard to spend the money on vacation, isn’t it? It’s painful to spend cash on an intangible experience when the same […]


The Power of the Fun

by Laura on April 17, 2011

The Power of the Fun

This week marks our second year in Chiang Mai, SE Asia during the holiday of Songkran. Throughout the week, businesses are closed and a city-wide water fight ensues.  Groups pile into the backs of trucks with trashcans full of water and water guns galore, and no one is safe or sacred– not the grandma on […]


The First Year {And Wondering if Maybe Missions is Screwing Up My Kids}

This year has marked each of us, uniquely. And I wonder, today, what my kids will say about their SE Asia experience, thus far.  I wonder if they’ll be excited to use “elephant riding” as a truth when they play “Two Truths and a Lie” at summer camp some day.  I wonder if they’ll have […]