The Lioness and the Finger

by Laura on March 29, 2016


I took my daughter to the zoo the other day. We fed giant fish, strained to see the sleeping bears in the corner of their habitats, schemed about getting our own baby pet monkey. This particular zoo sometimes has shows with both lions and tigers mostly in the evenings for the tourists, but in the […]


Back & Around

by Laura on November 5, 2011

A Look Back On the value of living a life, vulnerable to others. Life in a Fishbowl. A funny story about when my kid told me Jesus was gonna beat me up. A reminder to keep fighting, even when it’s hard. The Swim Upstream. A Look Around Amber’s words nearly always catch my breath. Here […]


Sweetheart, I Just Don’t Know

by Laura on October 12, 2011

“We stop at the stoplight, me and my blonde children in our air-conditioned van, and she appears at my window. She holds up the flowers she is peddling, and she looks at me through the glass with brown eyes that have seen far-too-much already. My kids are dancing to Hannah Montana in the backseat eating […]

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Another Chance to Win Cool Rings?

by Laura on September 25, 2011

So, if you’re like me, you don’t get picked to win anything. {Cue sad violin music.} And if you mourned because I gave away some super-awesome rings this summer, and you didn’t win the giveaway– don’t be too depressed. Here’s another chance! For the same rings! Because they are cool and kinda-cheap and I already […]


When Missions Goes Hollywood

by Laura on September 12, 2011

 Anybody can have a good website. Anybody. And that includes missionaries and ministries and humanitarian efforts that want and need your money. And oftentimes, what you see IS what you get— honest efforts at helping others, effective means of sharing God’s love with a community whether it be in education or poverty reduction or leadership […]


Things You Need to Know, Should You Read Here, Ever, Ever, Ever, At All: 1.  I am a Dork. Yeah, and I wear cheesy shirts proclaiming adoration for my husband.  And then I up and Disco-Dance it in the driveway.  Real cool white-girl-style, I tell ya. 2.  We are Traveling the States this Summer.  We […]


Throughout SE Asia we witness the Abandoned.  We see apartment complexes without inner walls looming above the city block, and we stumble upon entire resorts in rice fields that almost were.  Because, like in so many countries, when the funding for a building project runs out, the building stops. And then the half-finished begins to […]


Angry Missionary @ {In}courage

by Laura on January 21, 2011

Six months ago, I threw my daughter’s bike across the front yard.  Literally. It was most definitely not one of the better moments of my missionary-ish career here, thus far. But I wrote about it anyway. And today you can read the story {about dreams and culture shock} by clicking over to — {In}Courage {Angry Missionary}.


Back & Around

by Laura on January 13, 2011

FYI:  You can also get to this blog via a new address:  For some people, I figured that would be easier than remembering my name.  The old address will still work, too — one of the wonders of modern technology. @Life Overseas {A photo-heavy article about jumping off a ledge.} @Life Overseas {About a […]


Christmas Change {Offering}

by Laura on November 28, 2010

Living in a Buddhist country, I am surrounded by offerings . . . And I am wondering this Christmas, what their worship should be teaching me about mine. Because perhaps this season we find ourselves in– post-Thanksgiving and pre-New-Year– is mostly about that which is laid on the altar. Head on over to Christmas Change […]


Under Construction

by Laura on November 19, 2010

Yeah, so sometimes I’m an idiot. Okay, a lot of the times. Case in point.  Having just gotten the kids down from an unusually exhausting single-parenting day, I was bored last night. Having just finished my book {Jane Eyre.  Don’t make fun of me; options are limited at used English bookstores in foreign countries.}, I decided […]