The One Where I Come Clean

by Laura on August 27, 2012


I’ve written lots over the past year about the realities of sexual slavery and exploitation as we’ve come to witness them from our time in SouthEast Asia. I’ve written about street children and prostitutes and the men who visit them. I’ve told stories about stumbling into one of the worst red-light districts in the world […]


I’m excited to be guest posting over at A Deeper Story today. It’s a collective site where Christian writers post honest pieces about how faith intersects with modern culture. They ask hard questions and tackle everything from nuclear weapons to eating disorders to issues in the church. I’d be honored if you’d click over their […]


Just Because You’re Great and All

by Laura on July 12, 2011

Just Because You’re Great and All

Thanks for being remotely interested in us.  And thanks for leaving comments that encourage me.  And, just generally, thank you for clicking over my way. Truly, it means a lot more than maybe you realize. As a thank-you, I’m giving away TWO super-cool, chunky rings, handmade in SE Asia. They are woven with a rope-like […]


Why Do We Do That?!? Like, Really?

by Laura on June 17, 2011

Okay, so here are the question{s} for the week– Why do we struggle when other people succeed? Why do we criticize, judge, roll our eyes, inwardly become a little green when someone else has better behaved kids, a bigger blog following, a nicer house, the promotion at work, the opportunity, the attention, the better body, […]