Published Work

I love to write stories, and I love to ask good questions. In many ways, I feel like I learn more, hear more, when I write than most any other time. Since moving overseas in April of 2010, I have been fortunate enough to have my writing morph into something more than the simple family blog I began with. And for that, I am deeply grateful.

I wrote & self-published a short book about our personal journey into sex trafficking and rescue while living in Malaysia/Thailand. It chronicles the journey I took as a wife and mother when my husband became a deputized informant and undercover investigator into human trafficking and the underage sex industry. The Exodus Road: A Wife’s Journey Into Sex Trafficking and Rescue recently received the Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Award for nonfiction in 2013. You can purchase it on Amazon in both paperback or kindle versions. It’s short and a portion of all proceeds go to the rescue work of The Exodus Road.


A few readers are saying:

“I couldn’t put it down! I read the whole book in one sitting. Laura tells the gripping, real life story of the daring rescues their team makes in Asia. I could see them walking down the streets in the red light district. I felt indignant at the descriptions of the transactions grown men had with such young children, boys and girls. The raw transparency with which Laura talks about being married to a man who does the undercover work to present hard evidence to the authorities in Ch. 9 “Ghosts” really got me. Wow. Just wow.”  – Angie

“A riveting story that took me on a journey through the darkest of humanity to the brightest light of hope within each of us. Truly a captivating look at what really goes on in brothels and the deeply disturbing, far-reaching effects of child sex trafficking. Throughout the book I couldn’t stop asking myself–”What can I DO??” In the end, my question was comprehensively answered, as the author offered a practical, direct avenue to fight this shocking issue and rescue children from sex slavery. You won’t walk away from this book unmoved.” – Ashley

“Riveting, heartbreaking, amazing… Words fail to describe how much potential this book has to speak to your soul.” – Jessiqua

Purchase The Exodus Road book here.

In a similar vein, I work full-time as the Vice-President of Communications at The Exodus Road – a nonprofit which helps find and free victims of trafficking. I manage a team and help create organizational branding, marketing materials, public and media relations, fundraising campaigns, video production, storytelling trips, and the ongoing content the of the organization both online and in print. I’ve worn lots of hats in the organization since the early days, and I’ve written my fair share of grants (the type of writing that’s definitely not my jam.)

I am also the co-founder and former editor for a collective website for overseas workers, A Life Overseas – a site which is currently being run by a group of talented writers, and I have also worked as a freelance writer for Compassion International, SE Asia.

I have also been fortunate enough to have several of my articles and interviews published with other websites and organizations.  Here are a few of my words that have landed in other places:

RELEVANT Magazine. What It Takes To Rescue A Sex Slave {with Matt Parker}

The Beauty of Grace. The Gift of Friendship. (Dawn Camp, Revell Publishing) Featured Author in both books.

MomSense Magazine. Why I Beat My Kids at Games {Sometimes}. Available only in print, Spring 2012 MOPS magazine.

A Life Overseas. Rice Christians and Fake Conversions, Why You Shouldn’t Become a Missionary, Let Me Make Your Kid a Buddhist and more.

Convergent Books. When Charities Go Hollywood.

HuffPost Live. When Missions Get Dangerous (Interview).

{In}Courage. Angry Missionary {When Dreams are Crushed and Bikes are Thrown}. Dear Body {A Letter to Myself During Bathing Suit Season}. The Wrong Bullseye {Desires vs. Goals}.   The Abandoned Hotel {an Easter Story}.

A Deeper Story. On Sending My Husband Into BrothelsSweetheart {On Trafficking in Asia}. The Empty Bowl {What Buddhists Monks Taught Me About Christian Faith}.

RELEVANT MagazineThe Problem of Prostitution {On the Sex Industry in Asia}.

SheLoves Magazine. Mustard Seed.

Blissfully Domestic. on Parenting {Formerly Contributing Author for the Parenting Section}.

BlogHer. How to Fight Human Trafficking When You Can’t Do Anything. Why “Did You Have Fun?” is the Wrong Question. {Posts chosen by BlogHer Editors to spotlight in their network.}

The IdeaCamp, 2011. The Guy in the Orange Shirt {Contributing Blogger for Arkansas Conference on Orphan Care}.

The Mission Book, Upstream Collective.  First Year Mistakes {ebook chapter}.


Though my past international travel has limited me to in-person events, I have done some public speaking for church events/retreats and writing conferences like Allume 2013. If you are interested in booking me for an event, feel free to email at:  LauraLeighParker  @ .