The Exodus Road

My husband, Matt, and I co-founded and are currently working, serving, leading, and advocating for a nonprofit called The Exodus Road, an organization that seeks to find and free modern slaves. We began the organization during our time living in SE Asia and working in the anti-trafficking community there.

The Exodus Road today has offices in India, Thailand, and Colorado Springs. We have empowered over 700 victim rescues with local police, work to train and equip nationals, and have a program in the United States called TraffickWatch. We have nearly 30 people on staff globally (most of those are Asian or Indian Nationals) and are quickly growing. As an organization, we help find and free slaves through strategic action using ordinary people. Our key focus lies in empowering targeted interventions of those currently enslaved in trafficking scenarios, and our teams go into the darkest of places looking for children in brothels, utilize key cyberforensic gear to gather high-level evidence, conduct trainings for practitioners and law enforcement, and equip volunteers to actively look for trafficking in their own communities. We also employ social workers who provide follow-up transitional care for victims. We believe “justice is in the hands of the ordinary,” and we believe that locals are always the best proponents of change in their own countries.


Obviously, our heart (both the organization and us personally) beats for justice and for freedom. We believe that the abuses suffered by many modern day slaves (particularly the young girls sold into the sex industry) are some of the worst our generation will be tasked to fight. We’ve learned that counter-trafficking is a deeply complicated issue that requires perseverance, innovation, resources, and collaboration to effectively combat.

You can watch the following two videos for a little more on our (very) humble beginnings.

Participating in another person’s freedom journey has been one of the greatest privileges we’ve personally and professionally ever known. Working with the people on our team– staff, board members, supporters and volunteers —  has also been, and continues to be, an incredible honor. The organization itself is secular, and as such, we’ve had the gift of rubbing shoulders with people from all walks of life and faith backgrounds. And we love that. Because we believe that fighting for the most vulnerable is a human issue that excludes no one.

Please take a moment to visit The Exodus Road. If you’re interested you can financially support our work by going here, or you can join our active tribe of volunteers and advocates, by clicking here.

You can also view more videos, including rescue operations and interviews with investigators, by visiting our media page. You can also view more about our work specifically by clicking the image below.

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