Family Prayer Card Last Year -- Asian-Style. Five on a Bike-- the cool-factor of that is pretty hard to beat.

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  • Jenn

    I love your blog. So willing to share your life with others is truly inspiring. I was in Thailand one time a while ago, I loved it, and the issues broke my heart. Looking at your website only made me want to go back. Being on and off the “field” myself (in developing nations) has shown me many things, one of which is that it’s hard work staying. Way to stay. I hope for a more rich intimacy with the Saviour and Comforter. May your family be blessed as you bless the very heart of God. Peace!

    • Laura

      Jenn, thanks for your encouraging words–

      “Being on and off the “field” myself (in developing nations) has shown me many things, one of which is that it’s hard work staying.”

      Amen to the hard work of staying. We’ve only been here two years, so I’m not sure we qualify for that, but I totally have sooo much respect for those people who have logged lots of time on the field– it’s tough stuff, for sure.

  • Dabukes

    Okay, as a soon-to-be missionary family preparing to move to Thailand with Pioneers, I will be following your blog closely. My wife is an MK, but this is a new venture for me. I appreciate you pointing out the trapdoors. We’re still in the “adventure” mode, its nice and necessary to hear all about the pitfalls.

    If you’re interested, our blog is

    Grace and peace.

  • Jill

    Hi Laura,
    I just came across your blog through a YWAM link on Facebook for “8 Reasons You Should Never Become a Missionary” – great article! As soon as your page popped up and I saw the picture I thought, “Oh my goodness, that’s Thailand!”

    I was just in Thailand on a missions trip in January of this year. While there I felt God was calling me back as a missionary. I was in shock. My first thoughts were, “I can’t… I can’t… I can’t do this!” Within a few minutes, I found myself half thinking, half praying, “I can’t do this, but I can do it with Your help.” All that to say, I have no clarity on when or how God will lead, but I know I will be back.

    I would love to connect with you, especially on the practicalities of living in Thailand. Until then, I’m looking forward to reading through your blog. Thank you for going ahead of me. :)

  • David

    My family and I have been working as career missionaries in Thailand for more than 26 years.  I just want you to know that I REALLY enjoy reading your blogs.  Your ability to candidly discuss issues that few have addressed is a real breath of fresh air.  Thanks for blogging.  
    All the best to you and your family. God bless.

    Your friends in Thailand
    David & Joy Speights

  • disqus_jfFhQIbra4

    i would really like to help doing missions but have no clue where to start. i dont attend church but i did do outdoor rec and park tech for a year and half and have had my lna and medical associates wilderness advanced first aid. i no longer hold certficates for most but miss it alot and would be willing to help out.

  • Michelle

    I love your blog and have subscribed to it. My family and I are working in China. My only concern is the free use of “m”. Many of us reading and needing this are in areas where the use of that word is not a good thing. Just a thought.

    • Laura Parker

      Thanks, Michelle–
      Love that you are reading. I think your concern is a valid one but without the use of the word “m” I’m afraid many people wouldn’t find us in online searches. Perhaps when we get bigger and have a larger audience, we might consider changing things around a bit. Thanks for your concern and thanks for reading here. I know you are in a unique and oftentimes VERY challenging situation.
      Lots of love and respect, L

  • Navuduri

    Greetings, by the way that i am
    attending the Call 2 all conference from 21st to 24th, I will be arriving to
    Changmai ( CNX) Tuesday 21st May 2013 @ 7.45 A.M, booked the hotel Lotus
    Pang suan Kaew,100 Huay Kaew Road, ChangMai 50300, phone # 66 53 224 333

    My namd is Navuduru Joseph Raju, India, I would like to meet you in
    the hotel, if you are really interested in missions work in india, this is
    a Gods open door for you

    If you could help me to come to airport and give a ride to hotel that we
    can talk some time and spend more time in the evening ofter conference

    with love

    joseph Raju or arrange somebody if you are busy for further schedule

    thanks for all


  • Lanette Haskins

    GREAT article in Relevant Magazine! I almost didn’t recognize you in the picture above Laura, I think your hair was a little more blonde maybe? (I was your “neighbor” at Allume) so amazed by the work that you and your husband Matt are doing! God bless you both and your ministry!!!