What to Do With All That Leftover Pumpkin

by Laura on November 29, 2011

Need a healthy way to use pumpkins in your family’s diet?  Especially in the post-Thanksgiving sales and especially with small children that perhaps don’t love the vitamin-A-goodness that jack-o-lanterns afford? Consider adding them to smoothies. Yeah, really. Here’s what I did last week, that actually worked with my crew– I took a small pumpkin {actually […]


I used to kindly roll my eyes at those espousing the importance of fair trade. I never really understood it, and, honestly, living on a youth pastor’s salary with three kids is no joke when it comes to stretching the ol’ family budget. I know what it’s like to try purchasing decent Christmas presents for your 17 […]


This week is going to be self-proclaimed “Human Trafficking Awareness Week” at . I have several posts coming your way about the issue of trafficking and modern day slavery, along with ways that you can {really} help. Be sure to stop back by and check it out. So perhaps you care deeply about social […]


How to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables

by Laura on September 27, 2011

Having a hard time pushing the vegetables onto the daily menu at your house?  Struggling with kids who won’t eat their greens, even if it means “no dessert for a month, mister!?” Sometimes dinnertime can become a warzone, and then no one’s happy eating anything, anyway, and the meal you worked so hard to make […]


How To Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

by Laura on August 29, 2011

Water is important-– for grown-ups, for kids, for that goldfish your son talked you into buying. It helps fight fatigue and cancer, helps regulate the body’s digestive system, clears your skin, wards off sickness, and helps your brain fire on all {well, at least, more} cylinders.  But, like most things, we seldom want what’s really […]


The One About Homeschooling

by Laura on August 22, 2011

Sorry if you got a scary warning message from Google about my blog recently.  Apparently, I got hacked two weeks ago.  Un. Cool.   Thanks to my techie husband and support from our hosting company, the problem should be solved {though if the site still looks strange on your browser, will you let me know?). […]


How to Get Your Kid to Stop Interrupting

by Laura on August 10, 2011

Okay, so I have a child who has started to interrupt conversations all. the. time. And when she was little, we did the whole, “Put your hand on my arm and wait patiently and quietly until I am finished with my long-adult conversation and then I will pay attention to you” thing.  And, yes, that […]


If you have struggled or are struggling with depression {or discouragement}, I hope this post will be helpful, though it’s an admittedly longer one than usual.  Please understand that I speak not as an expert of any kind, but merely as one who’s tasted the weighty dark depression/discouragement which can bring. And while I talk […]


Practically Speaking {Homeschooling Stations}

by Laura on October 26, 2010

Practically Speaking {Homeschooling Stations}

I’ve read many tips for homeschooling young children, but this is a new one which I think is pretty brilliant {and simple}.  My friend Laura Beth shared it with me just last week . . . With a 7, 5, and 3-year-old, I totally understand that entertaining the toddler while teaching your first-grader phonics is […]


Practically Speaking {Homeschooling 15/15}

by Laura on September 11, 2010

This is a statement that I am learning to be true — If you are bored with homeschooling, they will probably be bored with it, too. If homeschooling to you is as fun as riding a stationery bike in a dark room with no music, then maybe it’s time to add a little variety to […]


Practically Speaking {Coffee Table Toy}

by Laura on August 23, 2010

Boredom in the midst of plethora. That’s the story around these parts all too often.  Somehow the equation goes a little like this: 3 small children  + 8 hrs. at home  + infinite toys = “Mom, we don’t have anything to do.” Somehow when the matchbox cars and Connect Four game are hidden in the […]