My New Favorite 24 Rocks {#FreedomRocks}

by Laura on March 14, 2013


Our family went rock collecting the other day. We drove to the local sand and gravel place and unloaded the kids in front of the river rock pile. And then we started picking up rocks– flat ones, red ones, oddly shaped-ones. It was Colorado-cold and our fingers started to hurt, but we dug and selected […]

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One of the problems with fundraising is that you feel like you are always fundraising. It’s like that neighbor selling her tupperware who seems to always be able to work your food-storage needs into conversations about the barking dogs across the street or the latest deals at “theWalmart.” And, so, forgive me for taking up […]


8 Ways to Do Short Term Missions Better

by Laura on May 23, 2012

I loved reading through the comments and engaging in the discussion last week about the value of Short Term Mission Trips {STMs}, their effectiveness and their costs. And as I answered people and asked others questions back, I think I recognized the quality I’ve been battling since I hit the ground here in Asia- cynicism. […]


{Authentic!} Asian Basil Chicken

by Laura on April 23, 2012

I love Asian food. Not the boiled intestines or the congealed blood so much, but on the whole Asian food is pretty amazing. It’s spicy and fresh and has tons of flavor. And it’s about a dollar a plate, typically, which is an added bonus. Two weeks ago, my friend Deb had one of the […]


Just last year, I was a culture-shocked newbie stumbling through my first months living overseas. {You can read from the First Year Missionary section of the blog here.} And we came as independents {we still are}, brought three small children with us, and probably arrived before we had technically raised enough money to sustainably stay. […]


How {not} to Have a STAYcation

by Laura on April 6, 2012


Ever heard of declaring a last-minute staycation for your family? Especially when you all really need a holiday, but can’t necessarily afford to travel to some exotic-somewhere? I had never heard the term before last week when my friend listened to me whining about how we needed to take a break but didn’t have the […]


How to Be an Almost-Loser

by Laura on March 30, 2012

A month ago I literally googled, “how to train for a triathalon in two weeks.” I had seen a sign for a sprint triathalon {don’t be too impressed, it’s much shorter than a real one} posted at our nearby school, and I remembered that running a triathalon has always been a bucket-list item for me. […]


The following is my humble, quick attempt to convince my fellow missionary-types to jump the hurdles of fear, time and know-how and just go ahead and start a blog of some sort.  {That is, of course, unless you are one of those super-amazing people living in a closed country where blogs are illegal or in […]


Praying in Color {Using Art to Pray}

by Laura on January 21, 2012


Admittedly, I am a crappy pray-er.  I have the attention span of a cocker-spaniel whose owners are having a dinnerparty, and the result of my distraction is that my prayer life is sporadic, hurried, and fuzzy, at best. Last week, though, I learned about a new tool to use in prayer that has really helped […]


A New Years Activity

by Laura on December 30, 2011

If you are throwing or going to a New Year’s Eve Party and need an easy {and intentional} party game, or if you are with your family during New Year’s Day and want a simple activity to reflect on the past year, here’s an easy idea– no odd supplies, crafty-skill, or hours of dedication required, […]


Last Minute Ideas for Christmas

by Laura on December 13, 2011

So you are slammed with making cookies for the kid’s class party and ordering that present for your mom and wrapping up that project at work, and, geez, it’s already mid-December.  And your last-minute to-do list grows longer than your 3 year-old’s wish list for Santa. I get it.  This is a pyscho time of […]