As I send my kids to public school for the first time this week, I have been reminded of the importance of asking them the right questions. Matt and I have been doing little “coaching sessions” for them in the mornings– how to be friendly, how to recognize a bully, how to respect the teacher, […]


It was the dented light saber in the hands of the neighborhood boy that made me cry at 6:30 am this Saturday. Though I loathe yard sales, we decided the best way to scale down before we left the country was to do one. And so last week it was a mess of junk drawers […]


The Eggs

by Laura on May 14, 2012

I posted this photo on Instagram several days ago with some wisecrack about how a bird building a nest in our mailbox was evidence for our obvious popularity with the world, both locally and globally. At first, we thought it was mildly adorable– this smattering of twigs and leaves, obviously collected on purpose by some […]


Snapshots of a Mom

by Laura on May 8, 2012

I have snapshots of my mother stored away in the photo album of my 30-something-year-old memory. There’s the picture of her singing resolutely “It is Well With My Soul” at a funeral– my dad’s, a 35 year-old father to four.  Then there’s the picture of a gaunt face and a bald head- hers this time, as […]


Dear Homeschooling Mom Who Is Considering Putting Your Kids In School Next Year, Even if you’ve waved the homeschooling banner strong in years past, you are not less of a mother for considering sending your kids to public school full-time. It is not failure to change direction mid-course, and it doesn’t in any way mean […]


How {not} to Have a STAYcation

by Laura on April 6, 2012


Ever heard of declaring a last-minute staycation for your family? Especially when you all really need a holiday, but can’t necessarily afford to travel to some exotic-somewhere? I had never heard the term before last week when my friend listened to me whining about how we needed to take a break but didn’t have the […]


Justice: On Bikes and Bullies

by Laura on March 19, 2012

*originally posted March, 2012 We have a special needs boy who lives in our neighborhood. His name is Jacob, and he rides his bike right in front of our house some mornings by 6:30. He’s got one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen, and friendship with him has been a gift to our entire […]



by Laura on February 29, 2012

I had high hopes in January. I was going to exercise four times a week, and my husband and I even made a little line graph and taped it to the wall right above the scale. It was going to be a steadily downward line, of course, with little dots and the connecting lines that […]


A Week, Fractured

by Laura on February 2, 2012

It’s Thursday morning, and I wake up with my mind racing. The balls are spinning in the air, and it seems the faster I juggle, the more likely I am to drop one, or two, or seven for that matter. I have about twelve too many projects going on at once, no consistent childcare help, […]


Praying in Color {Using Art to Pray}

by Laura on January 21, 2012


Admittedly, I am a crappy pray-er.  I have the attention span of a cocker-spaniel whose owners are having a dinnerparty, and the result of my distraction is that my prayer life is sporadic, hurried, and fuzzy, at best. Last week, though, I learned about a new tool to use in prayer that has really helped […]


a Question of Play

by Laura on January 20, 2012

I homeschool my kids. I see them from 6:30 in the morning until about 8:30 in the evening, with the exception of an hour-and-a-half lesson in taekwondo a few times a week or the occasional playdate. We don’t have family close by to watch the kids for the weekend, and we live in Asia where […]