Redefining Stupid

by Laura on May 19, 2013

This past week he told stories from his last trip overseas–around a table and over sandwiches– that still-fresh ink crawling out from under his shirt sleeve. I’d heard the story several times before, but there was something about this telling that felt different, scarier to me. Maybe it was the natural responses from our friends. […]


The Trouble With Dreams

by Laura on March 16, 2013

Matt and I were driving the other day and we stumbled on a For Sale sign to some of the most gorgeous property we’ve seen in a while. It was close to town but bordered by National Forest, had a lodge overlooking rolling hills, a pond, and the top of Pikes Peak. It even had […]


My New Favorite 24 Rocks {#FreedomRocks}

by Laura on March 14, 2013


Our family went rock collecting the other day. We drove to the local sand and gravel place and unloaded the kids in front of the river rock pile. And then we started picking up rocks– flat ones, red ones, oddly shaped-ones. It was Colorado-cold and our fingers started to hurt, but we dug and selected […]

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So, Matt gets back from SE Asia and India in two days after traveling for 19 days straight. And every time he travels, which has been quite a bit over our married life, my respect for single- parents and military moms skyrockets. Skyrockets. Because, no lie, flying solo with kids can be tough. There are […]


Last year we had tacky plastic, but this year we went all grab-bag-surprise for our Christmas tree. We had gotten the kids all pumped-up about a whole Saturday last month to do the traditional Christmas decorating, post-Turkey-Day. We were going to set out into the Colorado forest and hack down our own tree, since three […]


A Doormat and Teaching Your Kids to Hit

by Laura on November 25, 2012

I always grew up with the idea that if somebody hit you, you took it. You “turned the other cheek” like a good Christian girl, and you never hit back. And so I remember being fairly indignant when I read John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart in my early-twenties. In his book on the masculine heart, […]



by Laura on November 21, 2012

I haven’t written in a while because I haven’t been able to think-up anything dramatic. I’ve been looking for some tear-jerker moment, some exotic story from my current life, and I keep coming up empty. I’ve been listening and half-writing this-or-that in my head, but I get through the first paragraph, and I can feel […]


When He Gets Steak, and You Get a PB & J

by Laura on October 25, 2012

I admit sometimes my eyes get a little green when it comes to what my husband gets to do and what I have to do (as if it’s not obvious from the verb choices there), but it’s always been like this. I remember when I was a mom with toddlers and babies, staying home most […]


We were sitting around a campfire the other night when the conversation turned to parenting. And a lady who I continue to admire shamelessly, one of those wiser souls whose weathered teenagers and not just preschoolers, said this statement, “The tools of a fearful parent are shame and control.”  Hmmm. And then two minutes later, […]


The Glory of the Grove

by Laura on September 17, 2012

We live in the mountains of Colorado now, and our surroundings are worlds away, literally, from the jungles of SouthEast Asia. The leaves are changing a bright yellow, and I must admit we walk around pointing and exhaling in the forest like we are some country bumpkins at the Taj Mahal. It’s our first fall […]


Jesus and the Buttheads

by Laura on September 12, 2012

So with the shift from homeschooling to public school, family devotions have been challenging to fit in, I’ll admit. We tried getting everyone up early to have some “thoughts for the day” before school, but that would mean waking children up at five-something, which seems just sacrilegious in the first place. We’ve opted, instead, to […]