Jesus and the Buttheads

by Laura on September 12, 2012

So with the shift from homeschooling to public school, family devotions have been challenging to fit in, I’ll admit. We tried getting everyone up early to have some “thoughts for the day” before school, but that would mean waking children up at five-something, which seems just sacrilegious in the first place. We’ve opted, instead, to […]


As I send my kids to public school for the first time this week, I have been reminded of the importance of asking them the right questions. Matt and I have been doing little “coaching sessions” for them in the mornings– how to be friendly, how to recognize a bully, how to respect the teacher, […]


The Eggs

by Laura on May 14, 2012

I posted this photo on Instagram several days ago with some wisecrack about how a bird building a nest in our mailbox was evidence for our obvious popularity with the world, both locally and globally. At first, we thought it was mildly adorable– this smattering of twigs and leaves, obviously collected on purpose by some […]


Dear Homeschooling Mom Who Is Considering Putting Your Kids In School Next Year, Even if you’ve waved the homeschooling banner strong in years past, you are not less of a mother for considering sending your kids to public school full-time. It is not failure to change direction mid-course, and it doesn’t in any way mean […]


Praying in Color {Using Art to Pray}

by Laura on January 21, 2012


Admittedly, I am a crappy pray-er.  I have the attention span of a cocker-spaniel whose owners are having a dinnerparty, and the result of my distraction is that my prayer life is sporadic, hurried, and fuzzy, at best. Last week, though, I learned about a new tool to use in prayer that has really helped […]


a Question of Play

by Laura on January 20, 2012

I homeschool my kids. I see them from 6:30 in the morning until about 8:30 in the evening, with the exception of an hour-and-a-half lesson in taekwondo a few times a week or the occasional playdate. We don’t have family close by to watch the kids for the weekend, and we live in Asia where […]


Digg that Bible, Dawg

by Laura on October 13, 2011

And, now, for some happy . . . I looked at my school schedule last week and noticed we were already on week 12.  Combine that fact with the reality that we were all beginning to hate phonics workbooks and math facts, and our homeschooling took a “fall break” of sorts this week.  We read […]


*Last chance to enter the giveaway for Asian rings, my thanks to you for being involved in this web-space. Just click ‘like’ on the facebook page.  More details are here. There are a few voices in the blog world that truly cause me to pause.  And soak in beauty, appreciate art a little more, and […]


I think if I were real-life friends with this girl from Arizona, my cool-meter would shoot way up.  Nicole writes culturally-relevant, edgy-faith words over at Modern Reject. You should totally spend some time over at her blog.  Like, really.  In her own words . . . I’m Nicole Cottrell. I’m trained in the fine art […]


How to Screw-Up St. Patrick’s Day

by Laura on March 21, 2011

Enjoy this 10-Step Instructional Guide to Messing Up St. Patrick’s Day for Your Kids: 1.  Don’t plan anything the night before.  In fact, better-yet, forget about the holiday completely until the morning-of. 2.  Announce enthusiastically that the family will have something green for breakfast. 3.  Be too lazy to make pancakes.  Opt for toast and […]


Creativity in Kids. In Grown-Ups?

by Laura on February 27, 2011

Creativity in Kids.  In Grown-Ups?

I saw this video at Ragamuffin Soul the other week and wanted to post it here.  It’s about creativity and making mistakes and how kids are naturally better artists than we smarty-pants grown-ups could ever be. Are you original, willing to make mistakes?  What do you create? How do you encourage creativity in your kids? Comment