The Story of Us

by Laura on September 23, 2011

The Story of Us

We got married a dozen years ago when we had just barely turned legal to drink a glass of wine, and everyone said we were too young.  But we would just roll our eyes at each other behind their backs. We picked out invitations and cake-flavors in the same month we studied to pass college […]


So, meet Teri Miller. She is a homeschooling mom with seven kids {yeah, not a typo.} She’s writes beautifully-authentic on her blog, Stumbling Around in the Light, and she has this singing voice that’s hard not to be jealous of.  I should know.  She sings sometimes at our home church in Colorado.  I asked Teri […]


When Following God Doesn’t Work Out

by Laura on April 30, 2011

My husband’s not a schmoozer. He’s not one to say something for the purpose of inflating an ego, and he’s not one to walk-in-a-straight-line-and-follow-the-rules, either. He’s more of the envelope-pusher, hard question-asker, brutally-honest type-of-guy.  He’s the person you want for a friend {if you want someone with the guts to call you on your crap}, […]


The First Year {And Wondering if Maybe Missions is Screwing Up My Kids}

This year has marked each of us, uniquely. And I wonder, today, what my kids will say about their SE Asia experience, thus far.  I wonder if they’ll be excited to use “elephant riding” as a truth when they play “Two Truths and a Lie” at summer camp some day.  I wonder if they’ll have […]


I fear I’ve gotten it all wrong. I sit here, and I look back at the last 24 hours, the last week, maybe even the last 33 years, and I wonder if somewhere embedded in the depths of me is a clawing desire for success. To mother kids that “turn out.”  To get {and keep} […]


The Swim Upstream

by Laura on January 26, 2011

From highschool student to young single, from tired parent to even-more tired empty-nester, our days can often be defined as a fight for the things that matter.  This article is about that struggle, and following the post, I’ve added some questions my husband asked me after I told him what I wrote about this afternoon […]


Still Madly

by Laura on December 12, 2010

matt beach overlook

And it’s not our anniversary or anything, but I’m just wanting to say that . . . I love my husband.  Now, more than ever. Really.  Now, more than ever. 15 years ago, he brought me flowers to senior prom.  It was a time when we were youthfully-skinny and happily-carefree. And now he brings me […]


When You Become an Awful Person

by Laura on September 6, 2010

“What happens when trying to follow Jesus turns you into an awful person?” This was the honest question Matt and I talked about last night on our downstairs couch, in the 15 minute-window we had where the kids were asleep and we had the energy to talk about the important.  It was a question born […]


Two Men and a Swimming Pool

by Laura on August 25, 2010

I’ve watched two men struggle to keep afloat. My little man, Cade, is barely a whole handful of years.  Last week, we logged countless pool hours during our vacation to Pattaya in Southern SE Asia.  And Cade was determined to swim.  In the deep end.  He desperately wanted the freedom to be a contender in […]


Vows from Another Decade

by Laura on May 30, 2010

Eleven years ago today, I wore white and held flowers and cried as I promised these words, I, Laura, take you, Matt, to be my treasured husband.  By the grace of God, I promise to respect your spiritual leadership in our home.  I desire to encourage you in your dreams and to support you in whatever […]


Lessons From a Skinnier Woman

by Laura on March 17, 2010

The Black Bikini. I was playing with my three children at the pool when I saw her—the lady in the black bikini. Immediately, I began my comparison checklist: “Stomach? Hers was flatter. Legs? Hers were thinner. Arms? More toned. Chest? Yup, bigger.” A furtive sidelong glance revealed a gorgeous, petite face that looked about my […]