modern day slavery

Two Projects

by Laura on November 15, 2012

I know, that is the most boring title I could think of, too. Regardless, I’d love for you to take a minute to check out two things I’m excited have come together just this week. 1.  First, for any of you who have been here with me any amount of time, you know that I […]


One of the problems with fundraising is that you feel like you are always fundraising. It’s like that neighbor selling her tupperware who seems to always be able to work your food-storage needs into conversations about the barking dogs across the street or the latest deals at “theWalmart.” And, so, forgive me for taking up […]


The Gospel of the Brothel

by Laura on November 1, 2012

My husband has been into over 300 bars and brothels in SE Asia looking for victims of sexual exploitation, and the strange thing is, he’s  re-learned the Gospel more powerfully in that setting than anything he’s ever experienced in a church building. Funny that he would find Jesus in a strip club.  But he did, […]


As I write this, my husband is on an airplane right now. He has super-spyish equipment in his luggage, and we’re praying that customs doesn’t flag him for carrying in tasers and undercover camera gear. It’s the first time he’ll be back in SE Asia since we moved back to the States two and a […]


60 Second Service {over at Amy Sullivan}

by Laura on October 21, 2012

My friend Amy Sullivan has a killer-inspirational blog. She collects creative ideas and practical resources for families to serve the world, and change the world, right from home. Once she went for water without 48 hours and recorded the experience, and she is constantly updating her website with new organizations and resources for living intentionally […]


When You Didn’t Sign Up for This

by Laura on October 11, 2012

“I remember one morning last Spring in SouthEast Asia with striking clarity. I had taken a break from homeschooling our three young children, with attitudes and arguments surfacing that day more than normal. I remember I hadn’t showered, because I’d been up the previous night until 3 a.m, and I can remember the constant hushing […]


Growing up as a preacher’s kid in a fairly conservative, Bible-belt church, married to a youth pastor who’d never visited a strip-club in his life, and moving overseas originally to help run an orphanage, I never in a million years would have imagined I would be handed a front-row seat to some of the darkest […]


The One Where I Come Clean

by Laura on August 27, 2012


I’ve written lots over the past year about the realities of sexual slavery and exploitation as we’ve come to witness them from our time in SouthEast Asia. I’ve written about street children and prostitutes and the men who visit them. I’ve told stories about stumbling into one of the worst red-light districts in the world […]


Responsible semantics should not be underrated. The words we use when we communicate, especially when talking about Christian ministries when we’re raising funds to support them, are extremely important. Take, for example, the overuse {and misuse} of the term “human trafficking.”  Honestly, two years ago, I was fairly confused about it, too. I painted most of […]


I remember back in 8th grade North Carolina History class when I first saw that horrific picture of the African slave ships- those bodies crammed inhumanely on top of one another. I remember learning about the deaths and the abuses, remember watching all eight parts of Roots with 30 other 12 year-olds. And for the […]



by Laura on May 6, 2012

Heads-Up:  The following is a more mature post about prostitution in SE Asia, potentially inappropriate for younger readers. The girl in the story moved to the city to work in the bars, of her own accord {not being forcibly trafficked}.  She was born into a world of poverty, little education, and a culture that in […]