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Two Projects

by Laura on November 15, 2012

I know, that is the most boring title I could think of, too. Regardless, I’d love for you to take a minute to check out two things I’m excited have come together just this week. 1.  First, for any of you who have been here with me any amount of time, you know that I […]


The Word We Hate to Say

by Laura on April 27, 2012

We just said goodbye to our closest family friends here in SE Asia. It was one of those very rare relationships where everyone in the family actually enjoyed each other — the kids, the wives, the husbands. And it was community born of necessity, and desperation, and proximity. We iced Christmas cookies together, we babysat […]


When I wrote about the top five mistakes I made during my first year overseas, I loved checking my inbox for the several days following the post. I loved hearing from missionaries all over the world, some of whom have logged decades overseas, some who are leaving next month, and most of whom said that […]


Just last year, I was a culture-shocked newbie stumbling through my first months living overseas. {You can read from the First Year Missionary section of the blog here.} And we came as independents {we still are}, brought three small children with us, and probably arrived before we had technically raised enough money to sustainably stay. […]


Stressed-Out Missionary

by Laura on March 4, 2012

Our first year overseas was by far the most stressful year of our entire lives. We yelled more, and we got in more fights. We irrationally loathed all-things-Asian, and the mere sound of the Asian language would make our skin crawl at times. We cried after a trip to get groceries, and we cussed after […]


The Song that Made Them Stand

by Laura on June 2, 2011

Enjoy this re-posting from the archives about how the rolling of my eyes in church one day led to tears in those same very eyes during the singing of a certain song.  And I’m not one to cry-much.  Originally written October 2010. So I’ve been honest about my church snobbery in the past {and all […]


Buying In

by Laura on April 14, 2011

Buying In

Every ninety days, we have to prove it, and every 365 we have to pay for it. We have to photocopy stacks of paperwork and hand over stacks of cash.  We have to assemble reports and meet with accountants and hope-like-mad for that stamp in five passports that says we can stay legally in the […]


My Bad, This is Funnier

by Laura on April 11, 2011

matt beach (1)

I wrote in my last post that the video of Ava eating worms was my favorite video from our time in SE Asia.  I was wrong.  This one is, quite possibly, much funnier, and I figured it would be a happy way to end my series on this past year. Thanks, again, for journeying with […]


The First Year {And Wondering if Maybe Missions is Screwing Up My Kids}

This year has marked each of us, uniquely. And I wonder, today, what my kids will say about their SE Asia experience, thus far.  I wonder if they’ll be excited to use “elephant riding” as a truth when they play “Two Truths and a Lie” at summer camp some day.  I wonder if they’ll have […]


The First Year {On My Crap}

by Laura on April 7, 2011

We started this year with stars in our eyes– big plans to save the world and all that.  We were stuffed-full of glossy-idealism and the dramatic-Following.  And maybe I’m being too hard on myself, on us, but somehow, I don’t really think so.  Because when the heat gets turned up, the true gold shines through– […]


The First Year {Culture Shock}

by Laura on April 4, 2011

The First Year {Culture Shock}

How do you deal with culture shock? Good question, and I’m not sure I have the answers, but I do have some thoughts on handling the realities of culture shock through that critical first year in a new country.  I wanted to talk about it, before I forgot about it — What are your thoughts/stories […]