You’d think after living in a place for two years, I would be able to pronounce the name of my neighborhood clearly. Apparently not. The following is a little personal video/vlog, inspired by the boredom which comes from a 20 minute trip taking an hour and a half. Ah, let the good times roll. *********** […]


I was talking to my precious house helper the other day outside in our driveway. Her name is Da, and seriously she works harder {while being 5 months pregnant} than perhaps anyone I’ve ever met. She helps me with my Asian by speaking slowly and not laughing at me too often {Though, this week I […]


The Eggs

by Laura on May 14, 2012

I posted this photo on Instagram several days ago with some wisecrack about how a bird building a nest in our mailbox was evidence for our obvious popularity with the world, both locally and globally. At first, we thought it was mildly adorable– this smattering of twigs and leaves, obviously collected on purpose by some […]


How {not} to Have a STAYcation

by Laura on April 6, 2012


Ever heard of declaring a last-minute staycation for your family? Especially when you all really need a holiday, but can’t necessarily afford to travel to some exotic-somewhere? I had never heard the term before last week when my friend listened to me whining about how we needed to take a break but didn’t have the […]


How to Be an Almost-Loser

by Laura on March 30, 2012

A month ago I literally googled, “how to train for a triathalon in two weeks.” I had seen a sign for a sprint triathalon {don’t be too impressed, it’s much shorter than a real one} posted at our nearby school, and I remembered that running a triathalon has always been a bucket-list item for me. […]


Write Me a Caption

by Laura on March 8, 2012

I saw this truck the other day in traffic and thankfully grabbed Matt’s phone in enough time to snap a picture of it through the front windshield. I mean, seriously.  Right? So, here’s your chance to write, and laugh, a little on this blog. Look at the picture and write a caption for it. Anything […]


Two Missionaries Walked Up To a Coffee Bar . . .

by Laura on February 21, 2012

The following is a typical conversation I have found myself in more times than I can count during my {short} two years on the “mission field.” And, yes, some of it is a tad-exaggerated {emphasis on the words some and tad}. ********************** When Missionaries Meet Setting.  It’s a sweltering-hot day in the tropics. New Missionary and Better Missionary find […]


8 Reasons You Should Never Become a Missionary

by Laura on January 24, 2012

1. Don’t Become a Missionary if You Think You Are Going to Change the World. First, high expectations doom to disappoint, but, also, maybe your desire to change the world is trumping your desire to serve. Ask yourself if you would be happy moving overseas to a much harsher environment in order to quietly help […]


God is Not a White Man

by Laura on December 16, 2011

I heard the other day about a Asian woman who loves Jesus but chooses not to call herself a Christian. Instead, she classifies herself a “Buddhist Christ-Follower.” She recognizes that the term Christian in this part of the world is thick with cultural and historical meanings from the West that she would rather not identify […]


Last Minute Ideas for Christmas

by Laura on December 13, 2011

So you are slammed with making cookies for the kid’s class party and ordering that present for your mom and wrapping up that project at work, and, geez, it’s already mid-December.  And your last-minute to-do list grows longer than your 3 year-old’s wish list for Santa. I get it.  This is a pyscho time of […]


On This, the 5th Anniversary of My 29th Birthday

by Laura on November 30, 2011

A few announcements from the world of the Parker Family, on this, the 5th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday . . . 1. Destined Traveler has re-launched. As many of you know, Matt and I have a heart for mentoring students. And while we were able to host one team of college-aged students last year, […]