The Manger Wasn’t Instagrammable

by Laura on December 19, 2013


The pressure to have the perfect Christmas looms large this time of year. I would assume, for most of us. We want to deliver the pumpkin bread tied in Martha Stewart bows and we want the kids to have matching socks (note the photo below)– at least for the Christmas concert. We want the deep […]


In Which I Sing Opera

by Laura on March 7, 2013

Okay, well, I don’t really sing opera in this vlog, but the automatically-chosen thumbnail looks like I do, and even though I could change it, why would you change a still shot of yourself all open-mouthed-opera-like? In other news, I am trying to re-organize our personal family newsletters because honestly managing a mailing list via […]


There are a few things I’ve learned about doubt over the last three years of risk and failure, of transition and struggle. First, I’ve learned that the people who tell you that you shouldn’t ever have experience doubt if you are really following God and are on the “right” path, are probably smoking crack. You’re human. […]


Kid President

by Laura on January 29, 2013

This. Is. Awesome. Happy Tuesday, ya’ll. (Subscribers, click through to see the video of one of the cutest kids ever— other than yours or mine, of course.)


So, Matt gets back from SE Asia and India in two days after traveling for 19 days straight. And every time he travels, which has been quite a bit over our married life, my respect for single- parents and military moms skyrockets. Skyrockets. Because, no lie, flying solo with kids can be tough. There are […]


Last year we had tacky plastic, but this year we went all grab-bag-surprise for our Christmas tree. We had gotten the kids all pumped-up about a whole Saturday last month to do the traditional Christmas decorating, post-Turkey-Day. We were going to set out into the Colorado forest and hack down our own tree, since three […]


So I recently wrote about the awkward moments of living on support stateside— the guilt, the paranoia, the un-cool factor that works its way into the monthly newsletters.  And, while all of that is true, I also wanted to talk about the positive ways living on financial support has affected me– at home and abroad. […]


So, we’ve been back in the States now for 5 months, and we’re still living on full financial support– which we did while living overseas, but somehow seems harder now that we’re back in the ol’ U.S. of A. (Notice our latest “prayer card family picture” above. Cool, but not as cool as the one […]


We were sitting around a campfire the other night when the conversation turned to parenting. And a lady who I continue to admire shamelessly, one of those wiser souls whose weathered teenagers and not just preschoolers, said this statement, “The tools of a fearful parent are shame and control.”  Hmmm. And then two minutes later, […]


Jesus and the Buttheads

by Laura on September 12, 2012

So with the shift from homeschooling to public school, family devotions have been challenging to fit in, I’ll admit. We tried getting everyone up early to have some “thoughts for the day” before school, but that would mean waking children up at five-something, which seems just sacrilegious in the first place. We’ve opted, instead, to […]


To say that our last two weeks have been psycho would be an understatement. There was weighing 12 suitcases that hovered at 49.8 pounds each and clearing out junk drawers we didn’t know we had  and enduring a house inspection with a Asian lady that wanted to charge us for everything. There were two days […]