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The recent discussion we had here about the brutal cycle of hope and disappointment had me nodding my head as the conversation developed about dreams and the eventual crash-and-burning of those very ideals. And this early morning light finds me watching the farmers begin the process of harvesting the rice. Over the big white wall that […]


Could Tattooing Be a Form of Baptism?

by Laura on November 19, 2011

Yeah, so neither Matt nor I have ink yet. But as I’ve worked with the generation right behind me (the 20-somethings), I’ve noticed a trend for tats which is much greater now than even in my own college days. It used to be that only the wonderfully-edgiest people sported some kind of celtic symbol on […]


When Missions Goes Hollywood

by Laura on September 12, 2011

 Anybody can have a good website. Anybody. And that includes missionaries and ministries and humanitarian efforts that want and need your money. And oftentimes, what you see IS what you get— honest efforts at helping others, effective means of sharing God’s love with a community whether it be in education or poverty reduction or leadership […]


Everything is Spiritual. Except When Maybe It Isn’t.

We were in our mid-twenties when we tasted utter failure in one of our first “ministry” jobs.  It was a train-wreck on every level– landing our family of three into my parent’s basement with no money, no job, and a whole heckuvalot of hurt to muck through. Conflict sucks.  Especially conflict in Christian ministry. And […]


“So the question is, when the credits roll in your life, are people going to think your story sucked?” – There’s been a lot of talk about living a Good Story this past year.  I’ve read Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years {and loved it}, which has been a catalyst for […]


Objects in the Rear View

by Laura on July 21, 2011

I’m typically quick to notice her faults, to comment about the not-so-great, to judge a motive I couldn’t possibly know. I’ve been one to walk away from a church service, complaining about the lead singer’s voice or the charisma of the pastor. I observe a ministry and then pick apart the ways it could be […]


Dear Body {at InCourage}

by Laura on July 6, 2011

If you could write your body a letter this summer, what would it say?  Something like the following? ********************* Dear Body, Get skinnier, and fast.  I’ve gotta put on a bathing suit next week and that means you need to shape up and get it together, like literally on both counts.  Lose the rolls and […]


On Moving House, Like A lot

by Laura on May 25, 2011

Some Stats 12: years married, by Monday of next week. 13:  times moved, by the same day. And the process of moving begins, again, for our family today.  Finding the lost Connect Four chips under the couch.  Dragging out the suitcases from storage and checking for spiders.  Sorting clothes and art projects and broken legs […]


Just, Hammered.

by Laura on May 20, 2011

cade kicki sand

Ever felt hammered by life? Ever needed the arms of Another to hold you up, to help you ride a wave that you just couldn’t manage on your own? Enjoy this {kinda-funny} image of the daily Battling . . . *Disclaimer: We are not terribly irresponsible parents to let our kid body surf despite the […]


Take Those Showers, Ya’ll {Bath House Is Complete!}

Remember this? It’s a video I took briefly back in October when we started raising money for new bathing/toilet facilities for the 42 girls here at Breanna’s House of Joy Children’s Home. . . Because of the generous donations of so many across the United States, construction finished this week on a brand-new, indoor locker […]


The First Year {On My Crap}

by Laura on April 7, 2011

We started this year with stars in our eyes– big plans to save the world and all that.  We were stuffed-full of glossy-idealism and the dramatic-Following.  And maybe I’m being too hard on myself, on us, but somehow, I don’t really think so.  Because when the heat gets turned up, the true gold shines through– […]