Hi there! Thanks for taking a minute to stop by my corner of the internet. In case you were wondering, here’s a little bit more about me:

The 30-second Summary. I’m Laura Parker, wife to my high school prom date, mother to three wild and amazing kids, co-founder and current VP of The Exodus Road (an organization fighting modern slavery), and globe trotter. My faith shapes my life, and I’m a stumbling seeker and follower of Jesus Christ. My husband Matt and I have been married for 15 years, and have moved just as many times. We’ve lived overseas in three countries, and set up a home in Asia not once, but twice now. We are not strangers to transition or moving boxes.

Along the way, we were wrecked by the realities of human trafficking, and through a pretty intense series of events, began The Exodus Road, which specifically works to help find and free current slaves by supporting police. Yes, I send my husband into brothels to identify victims, and yes, the work is a bit like war. Along the way, I’ve written lots, both here and in other places (see below for articles). I’ve written honestly about the realities of overseas life, my struggles with the Christian church, the challenges of being a wife and mom in intense environments, and many stories from the the front lines of the modern abolition movement. My most read post ever was about how an Atheist taught me to live like Jesus, and I’ve also written a small book that depicts our very first days in undercover work, which won an award. This blog is a personal one, and is my space to write and speak for myself, and in no way represents the opinions of our organization, which is secular.

As a writer & speaker, I’m big on community, authenticity, stepping into the arena despite risk of failure, freedom and justice, I speak often to international workers and non profit leaders, and I am completely comfortable with not having all the answers.

If you’d like to get in touch, I’d love that. Connect with me:  Facebook, Instagram (@MrsLauraParker), Twitter (@MrsLauraParker). You can also check out our work at The Exodus Road, where I currently serve as the VP of Communications.

If you’d like the full, play-by-play version of our story, along with videos and published links, GO HERE.

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