Is the Purpose of Missions KINGDOM or GOSPEL?

by Laura on January 21, 2014


“It reminded me of other conversations we’ve had with many in the church-world who’ve said to us essentially, “Why save them from an earthly hell if you can’t save them from an eternal one?”

And I’ll be brutally honest, that type of thinking hurts. It hurts that Christians would so quickly write off justice if there’s no promise of the Romans Road. It hurts us personally, as we are bleeding out for this mission, but it mostly hurts for the girl behind the locked doors–the one who desperately needs brave, compassionate people to rise up on her behalf,regardless of her spiritual choices, past, present or future.

And I get that in missions there are church planters and evangelists and gospel-in-word-givers. And I’m not saying that missions can’t be that, but can’t it also be ushering in the Kingdom?”  

Please read the full post today, and the ensuing conversation, over at A Life Overseas.

  • Scott Peck

    Brilliant, Laura. Jesus’ demonstration and proclamation of the good news of the Kingdom proves the dichotomy of demonstration vs. proclamation gospel is a false theology. This tension is an unfortunate reality for non-traditional missionaries who seek to garner prayer and financial support from their home church. Might this prevalent division throughout the 21st century Western church lead to their irrelevancy in global missions?

    • Laura Parker

      Definitely possible, Scott. In so many ways, I feel like the “global missions movement” is teetering on the edge of some big shifts.

  • fancysimple

    Wonderful message you have there and I love it. Thanks for sharing this.

    the family international

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