In Which My Book Is Dirt-Cheap, and I Thank You

by Laura on October 1, 2013


They always said writing a book was like birthing a baby, and I was all eye-rolling-know-it-all: “It can’t be that bad. I mean, really. I’ve never seen anyone sweaty and screaming over a manuscript.”

I remember with our first (real, actual, human, non-figurative) baby, I had much the same attitude. “I’m going all-natural. No big deal. Lots of women had babies before drugs, you know.”

And let me tell you, it took one natural birth to determine that I would never do that again. Drugs were made to be used, after all.

And it took six months of writing my own book (that’s less than 100 pages and so probably qualifies as a preemie) to determine that all authors are gutsy and determined rockstars. 

I reckon births of any kind typically require much more than you expect. Work and pain and tears and sacrifice and grit and time. Lots of time.

But, thankfully, for me at least, the labor is over. My story of The Exodus Road and our journey into undercover investigations in Asia took on binding and page numbers just last week. After early weekend mornings and late nights and Saturdays spent at a computer, the book is available for purchase on Amazon. At great cost to Matt and the kids (and this blog which has remained sorely neglected), the final edits are finished.

And while I’m not officially “launching,” until mid-October, I would be honored if you, my friends here who have lived this story with me, could read some of the very first copies. So honored, in fact, that I’d love to gift you with an online sale. It’s a simple way I can say thank you for joining this journey with me. Here are the details:

* For THREE DAYS ONLY,  you’ll be able to buy the book for $5.99. You can buy it HERE. {Sale will end Friday night, October 5.} Kindle versions are available, as well, for $4.99.

* Finally, write a REVIEW. Reviews are a big deal for book sales, and I’d love your help in amassing some. After you finish the book (which will only take about an hour or two of your time), would you please head over to Amazon and write an honest, I mean good, I mean honest review of the book itself? I would consider this a personal gift back to me. Just click on the title on the Amazon website and go to Customer Reviews tab. Click on the link “Create a New Review.”

parker family fall 2012

As many of you know, the purpose of this book was three-fold. First, I wanted to record our journey before I forgot it– for myself, for Matt, for my kids in the future. Secondly, I want to inspire people to action on behalf of the modern day slave, and lastly, I hope to raise funds and awareness for investigations and rescue.

I reckon we all have dreams and intentions for our kids.

So, go ahead, pick up a copy sometime this week, read it, and pretty-please write a review. I’ll be posting more from the book itself in a few weeks officially, but I wanted you guys to have first dibs. You’re my people, after all.

If you’d like, you can share this deal online, but please direct people to this post first rather than giving out the sale info only. That way, they’ll have the chance to hear me beg for reviews. The easiest way to do that is to simply use the share button at the bottom of this post.

Consider the book sale a small baby shower favor, of sorts. And, again, thank you for enduring my silence while this little guy came to full term. You can expect much more from me in the coming months around here.

The Exodus Road: Kindle

The Exodus Road: Paperback