“Maybe We Should Just Give Up.” Or, Not.

by Laura on June 17, 2013

I feel all-apologies on this space of late. Let’s be honest, ever since we moved back to the United States my personal blogging platform has taken a hit. And while I do think it will pick back up eventually, for now, I am finding a new stride in pouring my words and social media nearly-ninja-skillz  into advocating for The Exodus Road. The (small) book chronicling our journey into undercover work last year should be out by summer’s end, and honestly, my respect for people that stick through enough words to make a full-legth novel has skyrocketed exponentially in the writing of my own 65-page baby.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a video that makes me nearly-cry and get all-inspired every time I watch it. Not to mention the fact that the speaker featured in it is pretty good looking, if I do say so myself.

Which I do say so to myself, quite often.


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