In Which I Sing Opera

by Laura on March 7, 2013

Okay, well, I don’t really sing opera in this vlog, but the automatically-chosen thumbnail looks like I do, and even though I could change it, why would you change a still shot of yourself all open-mouthed-opera-like?

In other news, I am trying to re-organize our personal family newsletters because honestly managing a mailing list via gmail is way harder than it seems. I’m switching over to using mailchimp now, and if you are interested in our personal family updates, you can fill in your email address below. Updates include random family news, behind-the-scenes ministry stuff, and prayer requests and happen theoretically once every month.



What thing have you been avoiding lately?  And/Or what’s the most UNdramatic thing in your life right now? 

  • Richelle Wright

    ah darn! i saw that title and thought maybe you had a hidden – still unrevealed – talent! oh well. 😉

    • Laura Parker

      hahaha . . oh, girl, opera is not my thing. On the other hand, I can do a pretty mean MC Hammer impersonation. lol.

  • Christie Hagerman

    We are switching to mailchimp this month, too. Quite the learning curve for a gal who’s been building them on Word and sending them out from our email, the old-fashioned way… okay, I’m not handwriting and stamping these babies, so they’re not exactly going out the old-fashioned way, but you get me. My goal is to have a lovely, ready-to-send-out campaign ready by the end of the day. Hence, I am surfing blogs. Procastinating? Not a bit.

    • Laura Parker

      Christie– I get you! Newsletters are sooo time consuming, right? I just kept losing people who said they wanted to be included, but then I would forget to add them via gmail, so mailchimp is going to be much simpler I think . . . I hope, I pray! haha.

      • Clare Richardson

        so how did the mailchimp thing go gals? we are missionaries in panama and i have a love hate relationship with newsletters. looking at mailchimp….worth it?

        • Laura Parker

          YES! Totally– I would recommend!

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