The Excuse for My Blog-Absence

by Laura on February 16, 2013

Funny how things unfold sometimes. Things unexpected, wildly scary and unbelievably hopeful at the same time.

As you know, we’ve been working from our house leading and fundraising for The Exodus Road ever since we moved back to the States seven months ago. This has meant trying to answer emails amid breakfast dishes in the sink and laundry that’s begging to be done. It’s meant that at 2:45, Matt is at the kitchen table  trying to research surveillance equipment while the kids are throwing backpacks in the corner, telling stories about the playground and knocking drinks over dangerously close to the computer.

Working from our smallish three bedroom house has meant inefficiency and frustration, as Matt’s been working 40+ hours a week, and I’ve been pulling 25. Which is why we began putting feelers out for office space in our mountain town here in Colorado a little while ago.

And this last week, we found a gem. On-the-cheap. With a view. And space to expand and host volunteers. And a chance to collaborate with our marketing-guru.

And did I mention the view(s)?

I now get to work across the table from the person I admire most, while drawing a pretty-critical line between work-ministry and motherhood. 

And we still have to pinch ourselves when we walk in on Monday mornings . . . all the way till Friday afternoons. Because while we’re still very-much month-to-month making-it financially, this step is proving to be a launch forward on many levels.

Thanks for your patience, and support, as we’ve made it.


Anything worth celebrating in your corner of the world?  Bring it. 


  • OutnumberedMom

    Congrats on your new office digs! This is great.

    • Laura Parker

      Thanks, Laura! We are pretty excited. Working there has made our working hours SO MUCH more productive.

  • Suzan Wilmot

    Couldn’t get your marketing-guru link to work – I’m interested because I feel like full-time fundraising is a polarized experience. You can be hopelessly discouraged one moment and the next your hope in humanity is restored. No consistency makes it difficult to crawl out of crisis mode. Need some expertise behind me, I guess….

    • Laura Parker

      Yes– the days feel like mountaintops and valleys and those two experiences dangerously close to each other . . . Hang in there. I am learning that my job is to consistently tell the story and invite people in, God’s job is to stir and provide.

  • Elizabeth Stewart

    Great news!

    • Laura Parker


  • Susan Hill

    Awesome! So proud for how God is providing. It’s been an honor to support you all in whatever ways we could. {Wish we could do more…maybe soon}. And I love the views, too! My husband loves {complete understatement} Colorado so I may not be able to let him see your new workplace. :D #toomuchjealousy

    • Laura Parker

      Haha– Colorado is pretty special, for sure. I understand where your hubby is coming from. :)

      Thanks for the encouragement . . .

  • Angie Washington

    I can’t hardly wait to get the grand tour in person soon!!! Yeah!

    • Laura Parker

      Me, too! :)

  • Richelle Wright

    congrats on the new office! what wonderful provision from the Lord! happy for you!

    • Laura Parker

      Thanks, Richelle– it is a real gift from the Lord, for sure.

  • Teri Miller

    Stoked for y’all! So grateful for the rescue God is doing thru Exodus Road. Sad to miss the stories & celebration on Saturday!

    • Laura Parker

      Thanks, Teri– no problem about not being there Sunday. We are going to have a Freedom Rocks celebration every month at the office from here on out . . .

  • robyn

    Looks fantastic. It’s wonderful to see your victories. Cool that you got to meet my mom the other day. I sure do miss the Rockies! May your ministry, your heart, and your family be blessed in miraculous ways as you fight for justice. You guys are my heroes!

    • Laura Parker

      Robyn– I know it was so fun meeting her! She seems precious.

      Thanks for your encouragement, Robyn– For reals, needed it this morning. :)

  • Lana

    OMG a tad jealous. wow.

    • Laura Parker

      :) Come visit!

  • Mandi Nelson

    Laura, is it possible that the link to your Maybe Jesus was a Communist post is broken? I keep trying to share it, but can’t.

  • Lori Smith

    I grew up in Woodland Park…my parents owned the Ute Pass Courier! Love that you posted “the view.” After moving there from northern California, my parents stressed that we not take that beauty for granted….no matter now many times it loomed in the distance on our walk to school. ENJOY!

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