Five Reasons You Should Buy This Shirt

by Laura on January 19, 2013

Five reasons you should buy this shirt, this weekend:

5. They look cool. And if you wear them, you will look cool, too.

4. They are conversation starters. People will be like, “What? What does that mean? What’s that abstract, but soveryneatlooking eye thing in the middle?” And you can be like, “Well, it’s from this group that looks for kids trapped in modern day slavery, then works to rescue them with local police.” And then your friend’s awareness-meter just rose, thanks to you (and the cool shirt you are wearing – see #5.)

3. They are just a little over 20 bucks. Which is what you’d spend at McDonald’s to feed your kids (but wouldn’t cover your husband’s meal, too). 20 bucks is also less than you’d drop at the movies for a night with your girlfriend and about what you’d spend on 5 Starbucks coffees.

2.  You only have 10 more days to buy one, which makes them a bit of a collector’s item. If, by chance, Exodus Road explodes in popularity over the next few months, you can be one of the few priviliged people who can claim the first edition of one of our shirts. Who knows, you could ebay that puppy and possibly even make bank. (At least enough to cover upwards of SIX coffees at Starbucks.)

1. They help rescue kids. 100% of the profits from these shirts will go directly towards a large investigative effort we are helping fuel next month in SE Asia. Hopefully, prayerfully, intel will be gathered, the local police will be equipped, and children and victims of sexual slavery will know rescue, firsthand.

And that my friends, means that every time you wear this bad boy, you’ll know that you had a hand in kicking down a door or two.

Go to the link below and buy one or two or fifty:


Don’t have the twenty-spot? I still like you, promise. Just consider helping us by passing this link along to your friends, liking it on facebook, tweeting it, the works. And, if you haven’t, consider subscribing to our newsletter for The Exodus Road (you’ll get to hear about how these shirts helped fight slavery in the field).


  • Bekah

    Super excited to get mine!!!! :)

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