The Person Right in Front of You

by Laura on September 24, 2012

This weekend I got to see a friend who remembers me when I was an overweight middle schooler with braces. In fact, we go back even further. She remembers me when I had spend-the-nights at her house across town as an elementary kid who still had to call my mom before I went to sleep. We can talk about highschool girl-drama and church musicals and what it was like to grow up in a town called Hickory.

And, like old friends do, we picked up like we were used to seeing each other weekly, instead of yearly. And as we were talking, Logan reminded me of a conversation I had with Karen Eubanks, one of the founders of the Free Burma Rangers, which I’ve written about before.

I had asked Karen’s advice for my first year on the field, and what she said was surprisingly simple and incredibly difficult in the same breath. It remains a good reminder for me to be intentional with the people God puts in my path– a focus made easier when the person across the breakfast table is literally one of the friends who’s known you for 28 of your 34 years.

I hope you’ll be encouraged by Karen’s words, as well.

{For some reason, the video cut off my last few sentences, where I was directing you to take some time to watch a few videos from the Eubanks family in Burma, including White Monkey. If you are an email subscriber, click to the site to view the vlog.}


On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being, like, Jesus himself), how intentional are you in loving, without distraction, the person right in front of you? Is there someone who typically gets a foggy version of love from you?

  • Logan Wolfram

    Oh….how I wish we saw each other weekly! What fun we would have! I love that life, and time, and places we’ve lived haven’t gotten in the way friend. I love you more now than I did when we wore side pony tails, mismatched socks, and rocked out to Roxette and Carmen!

    • Erika Morrison

      Oh my word! YOU rocked out to Carmen, LAURA rocked out to Carmen and *I* rocked out to Carmen! We were made for each other. 😉

      • Logan Wolfram

        Oh yes ma’m. Carmen was our first real concert. And when he rolls up his sleeves, he ain’t just putting on the ritz! LOL! And indeed….we were all made for each other. For some reason I picture the three of us sitting on a trampoline outside listening to music and drinking some crazy good hot tea…talking for hours, laughing, and then occasionally jumping too! Maybe one day we’ll do it! :-)

        • Laura Parker

          oh, yeah, forgot he did “awesome God” too. I mean, how could i forget that?

      • Laura Parker

        hahaha, awesome. I totally remember our church actually did a little youthgroup mime/interpretive-act-out-dance to that song {“Champion” by Carmen}. Oh, yes, and we had dry ice for effect in the sanctuary and everything. Good times. Logan, do you remember that?

        Reckon Erika could’ve done that with us back in the day . . ..

    • Laura Parker

      ohmylord, CARMEN! “Jesus is the Champion” Oh, hillarious.

  • @ngie

    I love that part where she told you she hasn’t got a #2 yet. Beautiful!

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