No, I’m Not Dead

by Laura on August 27, 2012

It’s been a crazy four weeks for our family since we’ve transitioned from SE Asia to Colorado. We’ve lived in four different homes, started the school routine for the first time, reconnected with a host of amazing people, bought a swagger-wagon, and discovered the wonders of the local Goodwill. And though we remain “a little odd” because we can’t break the habit of taking our shoes off outside of people’s houses, I’ve driven on the wrong side of the road only twice now which I suppose means semi-successful adjustment. And, just to prove to you that I’m not dead, though the blog-quiet from the past month might suggest it, here’s a quick, very unglamorous video from my new hometown. . . .

{And, yes, those sunglasses are huge. And very plastic-white. And totally un-athletic-looking. Have a little mercy, I bought them for a dollar at a 7-11 in Asia.}

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Random Question: What are you most looking forward to this week? Or, just, drop me a line and let me know that you’re not dead, either. 

  • Jessica

    I really love reading your blog, amazing!! I met you briefly this summer at the park I was with Nicole. I would love to pick your brain. Maybe I’ll see you around.

  • Shelli Bourque

    I’ve kept up with your journey home through Instagram, but it’s great to see a more “official” update. I’m excited to hear your upcoming news. At your recommendation, I read God in a Brothel and have been very interested in your new ministry and partnership with Nvader.

  • kmom

    nope, not dead! kids are back in school and I’m waiting to find my way in the “new normal”. Looking forward to re-connecting with friends over lunch!

  • Kelly @ Love Well

    I cannot believe you were able to tell that story without choking up. :)

    Some situations are so dark. But I know God shines brightest there.

    • lauraparkerblog

      It’s a pretty intense one. But, honestly, I have been trying to tell it to lots of people, so maybe that makes it a little less emotional . .. but trust me, there have been tears.

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