Slavery Still Happens {A Book Giveaway, “God in a Brothel”}

by Laura on May 29, 2012

I remember back in 8th grade North Carolina History class when I first saw that horrific picture of the African slave ships- those bodies crammed inhumanely on top of one another. I remember learning about the deaths and the abuses, remember watching all eight parts of Roots with 30 other 12 year-olds. And for the first time, there in that middle school classroom, I remember being genuinely enraged at the injustice of it all– furious at the evil humankind is capable of.

I remember thinking back then, that surely if I were alive during the days of the slave trade, I wouldn’t have been a slave owner. Even if I had a cotton plantation, even if I lived in the deep South, surely I would have stood up and protested; I would’ve somehow seen through the cultural stereotypes to the truth that “all men and women are created equal.”

Surely, I hoped in my 8th grade history class, I would have been an abolitionist.

Fast forward twenty years, and I’m still learning about slavery. This time from the front lines and not in a classroom, from people’s stories, not from a textbook. I am continually challenged and horrified at the statistic that today there are more slaves than at any other point in human history. 20 million, actually. The realities of forced labor slavery and sex trafficking are just as horrific now as that slave ship was several hundred years ago.

And from this small voice in the midst of SouthEast Asia, let me assure you, slavery. does. still. happen.

And one of the best books Matt and I have read this past year specifically on the injustice of sex trafficking has been God in a Brothel, by Daniel Walker. We read this about eight months ago, and the story resonates with us still. Walker was an undercover investigator who worked for four years gathering intelligence for two major humanitarian organizations.  His intel lead to the rescue of hundreds of women and children, forced into sexual slavery. His stories are real and gripping, heartbreaking and inspirational. As a Christian, he talks about the gritty ways God showed up in the darkest of places–  brothels and bars, amongst sex tourists and pedophiles. He shares honestly of his own difficult journey, both personally and professionally, and speaks powerfully of a “Love that covers a multitude of sins.”

Walker has begun a new non-profit organization called Nvader, which will primarily operate here in SouthEast Asia. We got the opportunity to meet with several of their staff a few weeks ago, and we couldn’t be more excited about the work they will be doing in this area. Nvader will focus on conducting professional investigations in the arena of human trafficking, prayerfully leading to prosecutions of traffickers and the rescue of victims, all while working in partnerships with local law enforcement and governments.

Targeted interventions, which are severely underfunded and understaffed, are such a crucial niche in counter-trafficking. And while it is admittedly difficult work, particularly for a Christian organization to step into, it is deeply honorable, too. Rescues are typically not safe endeavors, after all, but, as Walker often says,

“The Church should be a dangerous force for good in the world.”

In an effort to promote this new organization and Daniel’s book, I am giving away TWO COPIES of God in a Brothel, published by InterVarsity Press. Nvader has just recently launched a Facebook page, all you need to do to enter the giveaway is to LIKE their page.  That’s it. No need to leave comments for me letting me know you did, I will just have Nvader choose two winners from their pool of LIKES. I’d also really appreciate it if you would SHARE this post or the Nvader page on your own Facebook page or via twitter or email. A huge part of acting as a modern day abolitionist is taking the time to use your influence to let others know a problem exists.

If you’d like to learn more about Nvader, check out the Nvader website, buy the book yourself from Amazon {it’s only $10}, visit the Nvader Cause Page, or consider making a donation to their organization via Paypal.

You can also follow them on Twitter: @NvaderRescue

The giveaway will close next Tuesday, June 5. Good luck!

“Sex trafficking is a hot subject these days. Speakers, films, magazine articles and books have raised the consciousness of Christian people everywhere. The problem is that few of us have ever figured out ways to respond to this ugly exploitation. In this book, we have the story of one man’s journey into that strange and dirty world to do what he could to provide deliverance and hope for those who are imprisoned with despair.”  -Tony Campolo, Ph.D., Eastern University

“This book plunges you full-on into a holy conspiracy, a top-secret mission of courageous love and liberation. May it inspire all of us to subvert injustice everywhere we see it.” – Shane Claiborne

Again, to enter the giveaway, simply visit the Nvader Facebook page and click LIKE {then check back here next Wednesday to see the winning names posted}:

Nvader Facebook Page


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