{Authentic!} Asian Basil Chicken

by Laura on April 23, 2012

I love Asian food. Not the boiled intestines or the congealed blood so much, but on the whole Asian food is pretty amazing. It’s spicy and fresh and has tons of flavor. And it’s about a dollar a plate, typically, which is an added bonus.

Two weeks ago, my friend Deb had one of the cooks from our favorite local Asian joints {video of it here!} come to her house and teach us a few recipes. The simplest was the recipe for Asian Basil Chicken, which we typically eat more than once a week. The ingredients are fairly easy to get, and even I can replicate it.

Not that I am all Barefoot Contessa, but I did a quick video with my daughter of how to make this dish. And I had just hopped out of the shower and I ramble, but in case you need a visual– there you go. {On a side note, I have learned that if I wait for everything to be “perfect” in a vlog–my hair, setting, clean space, kids busy, etc.– then said vlog usually just doesn’t happen.} Anyway . . .

Asian Basil Chicken

Ingredients: 2 packages of minced chicken, 10 cloves of garlic, 10 small green spicy peppers, oil, soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, rice, a truckload of basil {small salad bowl size}

Directions: Chop the garlic and green peppers very finely. Saute in a little oil. Add chicken {or pork or veggie substitute} to pan and cook.  When chicken is cooked, add equal parts fish sauce and sugar {1.5- 2 tbls} and then 6 – 8 shakes of soy sauce. Stir a bit. Then add the basil until basil is wilted. Serve with jasmine rice.

What’s your favorite international dish to make? Share the recipe?


  • Parkeratc

    Sounds great! But what is fish sauce and what does it taste like?

    • lauraparkerblog

      It’s kinda vinegary. I bet you could get it in the asian section of a grocery story? Hmm . . .maybe?

    • lauraparkerblog

      Also, there are some fish sauces here that have pics of little anchovies on it? So maybe you could get anchovey sauce? It’s just a light brown liquid– not dark like soy or thick like oyster sauce.

  • Outlaw Christian

    Definitely gonna make this! How would you suggest doing it vegetarian?


    • lauraparkerblog

      I remember when I did vegetarian dishes, I used a “soy crumble” product I got just at Walmart– looks like what crumbled beef looks like. I am sure you could substitute that for the meat. Maybe add some onions to thicken it up, too, if you wanted. The Basil and hot peppers are really the key players! :) Happy cooking!

  • Amy Stewart

    yummy! sounds delicious! I’m growing Thai basil in my garden this year just in your honor! love you!

    • lauraparkerblog

      Dangit– Wish I could be there to sample in person this summer.

  • Jon

    I’ve tried 3 other recipes for Thai Basil Chicken, and this is by far the best. Thanks a bunch. Now I just need to get some seeds to grow my own basil.

    • lauraparkerblog

      Awesome! Glad it worked for you– it is about as local as you could get!

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