Eating Local

by Laura on February 9, 2012

One of the benefits of living in Asia is all the hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve entire meals for a dollar a plate. Honestly, it takes about the same amount of money to fix a Western meal as it does to buy a Asian one.

Now, if I really had it together, I would cook Asian food and, thus, claim wonder-woman-missionary-mom-status.  But, yeah, I’m still working on that one.

In the meantime, my ever-adventure-seeking husband leads us into all kinds of places in search of the next great find. And while one time we ended up eating noodle soup with congealed blood and all kinds of other things that were a bit too local for our taste, sometimes we stumble on a real gem. Like this place, pictured here to the left.  It’s a family-run convenient store/eatery/gas station, and while the menu only has three things we understand, the view is worth the winding-road-of-a-drive.

I’d eat almost anything to get to overlook jungle while I’m doing it.

And the gas station at this mom-and-pop’s stop? Well, it’s beyond awesome in local flavor, too. My friend Debbie snapped this picture of it:

And finding these places, these unassuming food stands where the whole chicken hangs in the window or three generations are chopping garlic behind the grease-spattered whale-of-a-wok, well, it’s one of my favorite aspects of  living overseas. And while I miss family like mad and mourn the utter absence of winter, I am growing to love the family culture we are building around the places we are eating,

despite the oftentimes less-than-four-star-restroom facilities.

Below is a quick video of one of our favorite lunch spots with a description of the Asian dishes we normally order. We eat here at least once a week, sometimes a whole lot more.

Doing dishes is not one of my spiritual giftings, I’m afraid.


Let’s have it.  What’s your favorite thing about the place where you live right now?

  • amy

    I want to be trying new places with you guys while overlooking a jungle! NO FAIR! Love the local flavor! (Ha, double meaning word!) love you!

    • Laura

      Two words:

      Open. Invitation.

      No, really, wouldn’t it be amazing if you and Will could be out here?

  • kmom

    My favorite thing about the place I live now? My family is here with me!

    • Laura


  • @ngie

    Cool vid, Laura! You’re so cool. I just found a new Mexican joint right on the corner here in my new neighborhood. Very rare and very good. So yeah!

    Here’s a little video from two years ago that shows one of my favorite parts of where I live:

    ¡Buen provecho! {it’s kinda like saying bon apetit, but the literal translation is ‘may your food digest well} :)

    • Laura

      oh . . . going to check out your saturday market now!

  • arms wide open

    I would say either the weather or the food. probably similar to your favorite things!

    • Laura

      yes– totally love both. and the flowers. gorgeous all year round.

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