Praying in Color {Using Art to Pray}

by Laura on January 21, 2012

Admittedly, I am a crappy pray-er.  I have the attention span of a cocker-spaniel whose owners are having a dinnerparty, and the result of my distraction is that my prayer life is sporadic, hurried, and fuzzy, at best.

Last week, though, I learned about a new tool to use in prayer that has really helped this cocker-spaniel-soul of mine. It’s called Praying in Color, and it uses the visual arts to help focus your spirit.  I learned it at a ladies group I went to recently, and I found it worked great with my kids this week, too. I thought I would share the idea– you know, on the off-chance that there’s someone else who’s prayer life is less than stellar.

For more information and examples of using art to focus your prayer life, visit Sybil MacBeth’s site, Praying in Color,  where she has examples and book information on this method of prayer.


Am I the only one who struggles to pray? What have you found that works in your life?  

  • Erin

    oh Laura, this reminds me of a book called Creative Prayer (and Greg Boyd’s sermon series called “Animate”). Both talk about creative ways to meet God in prayer. Totally life changing. Love this. Thank you :)

    also, did you see my tweet to you about a book recommendation?

    • laura parker

      oh, no– i am a crappy tweeter . . . i will go check it next time i am on. i don’t have a phone with twitter on it, so i am hardly ever on, i am afraid. ooohhh, can’t wait to see what you recommend!

  • Sharon O

    I love this video and your comment about being like a cocker spaniel is funny. We used to have one and she was rattled and scattered and just not trainable. Very sweet but very distractable. I love this concept. Thanks. posting it on facebook.

    • laura parker

      ha ha .. . “sweet but very distractable.” Yes, i think i can relate. ha ha. . .

  • Amy Sullivan

    Me? The attention span of a gnat. Off to watch.

    • laura parker

      Um . . . speaking of quick attention spans . . . your last post just caught my attention! off to read it now!

  • Adina

    So bizarre. I’ve been doing this for almost a year, completely unaware that it was THE THING to do! Only I call it “praying on paper”. It’s the only thing that keeps me even moderately focused.

    • laura parker

      Girl, you are just ahead of the game. Cool, before it was trendy. Ha ha. . . .

      And with your art-skills, man, I would love to see your prayer journals. Have you posted any on your blog?

  • Susan

    Thank you for sharing this. I too am so easily distracted… or wandering in my mind to other things that need attention and tend to not stay focused when I try to pray. I am going to try this. What an inspired idea.
    God Bless you.Matt and the kids

    • Laura

      Susan– oh, good! let me know if it works for you or not!

  • Anna

    I felt like I was just sitting with you for 3 minutes and 15 seconds. What a clever idea. I appreciate visual aids and crafty sorts of helps, so thanks for passing this along in such a friendly way.
    Wherever you find yourself this day, this week… know that I am pulling for ya. Thanks for encouraging others.

    Hugs from afar,
    Anna M

    • Laura

      oh, thanks, friend. as always. good to know there’s someone in our corner . . ..

      love, L

  • Kelley

    ALL ABOUT color and prayer!! Wheesh. Great idea.

  • Meg E.

    I think what I like about this even more than the chance to be artsy is that it forces me to take the focus of prayer off myself and onto someone else — because I am one SERIOUSLY selfish pray-er. There. I said it.

    I wonder if God sits patiently throughout my prayer times (which are more accurately “it’s all about me and what’s going on in my life rants”) and when I’m done He says “Okay, I’m glad we spent this time together, but next time do you think you could include at least one other person in your life?” I bet there’s at least a little bit of that going on, but hopefully God’s not using the sarcastic tone I hear in my head.

    Thanks for sharing this idea on a creative way to be an intercessor :-)

    • Laura

      Meg– Love this and totally agree! Loved esp. your little conversation with God. Can totally relate! Praying is like, hard work I think.

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