Mustard Seed {Over at SheLovesMagazine}

by Laura on January 26, 2012

If my spiritual life were a dashboard in a flight cockpit, I’m pretty sure the red lights screaming danger, crash-and-burn-imminent! would be angrily blinking.

Because my faith has taken a beating this year, a battering. . .


But, here’s the thing I am {re}learning about this God I started following 25 years ago. He doesn’t ask for mountainous faith, doesn’t demand on-fire-perfection.

Instead, he asks for mustard seeds. And five loaves. And water in jugs where the wine’s already run out.

And from me? From me, he asks for a getting- up. An invitation for the thaw. A lifting of this mustard seed faith of mine.

Case in point. My husband needed to travel to Bangkok from our home in SE Asia in January. He had lined up several meetings that were crucial to our work here in Asia, and he felt like it was a trip God was asking him to step out in faith for–even though we didn’t have the money to buy the plane tickets or the funds for a hotel or a traveling partner to go with him. . . .

Continue reading about Matt’s trip this weekend over at the lovely SheLovesMagazine, where I am excited to be guest posting today.

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