Last Minute Ideas for Christmas

by Laura on December 13, 2011

So you are slammed with making cookies for the kid’s class party and ordering that present for your mom and wrapping up that project at work, and, geez, it’s already mid-December.  And your last-minute to-do list grows longer than your 3 year-old’s wish list for Santa. I get it.  This is a pyscho time of year. Pyscho.

But, on the off chance that you don’t have it altogether, on the off-off-chance that maybe you haven’t finished your shopping or started on those cookies you are supposed to bring to the potluck on Friday, here are a few practical and simple Christmas suggestions:

1. Shop Etsy. If you need unique gifts for people, especially personalized ones, etsy is a great source for crafty goodness. You can start by stopping into two of my newest sponsors’ shops. VinylArtStudio {pictured above} makes gorgeous signs that you actually peel and stick onto your walls. Forget the stencil and black paint, this is literally a giant sticker that is removable and looks like you paid some artist to come paint some inspirational quote on your kids’ bedroom wall. Seriously worth a look.

And while you are last-minute-looking, check out AmyLeeDesigns. She transforms Bible verses into living art with birds and circles and color– loads of color. Her work is gorgeous, and if I could stick the following up in my kitchen, oh, I so would.

2. Don’t Stress Out About Baking. We don’t have an oven here in SE Asia, so essentially I get an automatic bye on the whole Christmas cookies ordeal. This year, we made Reindeer Poo— which really did look pretty crappy, literally. But it was seriously the most fun we’ve ever had in holiday baking, because it was simple and the kids got to really make it with me {as opposed to standing there watching me apply icing because I want the little stars to actually look like little stars.} Here’s the recipe {And yes, I look about as good as the title of the cookie we were making- I had just finished working out, be nice.} —

And, um, yes, no words for my four-year-old here, either . . . .

3. Go Creative. Instead of just shopping off Amazon’s lists of gifts to give a dad, give something different this year. Consider giving a goat with Heifer International, a super cool necklace made by African women, an activity like a family trip somewhere, or even something wildly intentional like paying for some blog-love for someone you know. We have a sponsor here, Erin from DesignbyInsight, who designs blogs, websites, and e-books for people worldwide. She’d be a great resource if you’re looking to give a techie-kind-of gift this holiday.

4. Decorate-for-Dummies. We have a tacky fake tree with cords hanging all- crazy down at the bottom of it, a tin foil star that’s all bent-up at the top, and paper snowflakes taped to the ceiling. It’s ghetto-i-er than Charlie Brown and a far cry from a Martha Stewart magazine, but my kids really don’t care. And neither does my husband. And neither do the Thais or the neighbors or my friends. 

And maybe having things looking perfectly just really doesn’t matter that much. Er, at all. People and relationships always trumps stuff and tasks, anyway.

{But, on the other hand, if you can get all wonderwoman-y this year, try to copy this holiday mantle, because it is seriously one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen in my life– other than maybe my kids when they were sleeping infants or something.}


Favorite link, tip, tradition, practical suggestion, way-to-make-the-holidays-easier you’d like to share with the rest of us, last-minute-ers?


  • Logan@LifeForDessert

    Thanks friend for the wildly generous mantel compliment! I have to say it’s probably my favorite one I’ve ever done. And as far as last minute tips go…spend time with people…reveling in God’s goodness to send a baby Savior to the earth for you! In the end…the mantel and everything else take days to remove….so unless you’re having a giant party (like I am), skip the overkill and just enjoy the season!

    • Laura

      aw, man . . . i want to come to your giant party!

      ps– great advice, friend.

  • Logan@LifeforDessert

    Don’t I wish you could come to my giant party….but I’d settle for a face to face cup of coffee with ya too!!! Been way too long! Miss you loads my friend.

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