From Our Ride to Yours, Merry Christmas

by Laura on December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas, Friends.

Thanks for journeying with our family, for entering conversations here, and for supporting us in a million different ways this past year. We hope your holiday season is full of rich, take-your-breath-away-good-kind-of moments. We hope, too, that the gift  of the King-who-came-down truly overshadows everything, everything, else.

Happy Holidays, ya’ll.  And we’ll see you after the New Year.

{And a huge thanks to our friend Buddy who continues to let us borrow scooters!}

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  • kendal

    i love this. for so many reasons! merry christmas, friend.

    • Laura

      Back at you, girl! Hope your week is restful and rich!

      love from here,

  • Tamara

    Merry Christmas to you, Laura and your sweet family!
    Wishing for you and yours a year ahead full of God’s richest blessings – namely love and laughter and peace in your hearts!

  • Mark Rob Hairston

    Thank you so much Laura ,Matt and kids May the best of joy and Happiness be with you always.
    We all love you here

  • courtney orrange

    did you really get 5 people on that scooter?! Merry Christmas!

    • Laura

      crazy, right? we are obviously very unsafe parents. :)

      Merry Christmas, Courtney!

  • Roy Fitzwater

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys as well.

    So sorry we missed you this year when you were in WP. Our travel schedule will improve after March 2012!


    Roy and for Margaret

    • Laura

      Thanks, Roy! We’ll catch you next time, for sure! Hope you guys are having a good holiday this year!

  • mink

    oh, my gosh, laura! merry christmas to you! but if i were older and had a heart attack, i would probably be in a hospital bed by now. riding five in a small scooter is wild. and i salute you, my dear. :)

    • Laura

      ha ha . . .

      I know, I know, but I do think the kids are getting a little too big for it. Boo. We are getting pretty crammed on that thing! ha ha!

      Happy New Year, Mink!

  • Erika Morrison

    Hey CHICA!!!!

    LOVED your little Christmas scooter message. Big smiles and wide love from my heart to yours . . .


  • Marlana

    epic cool, and props to your husband for putting you guys all on the motorbike.  Its not easy to balance that. been there.

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