A New Years Activity

by Laura on December 30, 2011

If you are throwing or going to a New Year’s Eve Party and need an easy {and intentional} party game,

or if you are with your family during New Year’s Day and want a simple activity to reflect on the past year,

here’s an easy idea– no odd supplies, crafty-skill, or hours of dedication required, promise:

1. Give everyone a slip of paper.

2. Have everyone write down the statement or phrase that best describes the year 2011. {No crafty-skill necessary.}

3. Put the slips of paper in a hat or bowl or whatever you have. {See, no weird supplies required,either.}

4. Read the cards and have people guess which slip is whose.


And, yes, I know it’s not as fun as having a family-wide chubby bunny contest in the kitchen while the cake bakes.

Nor is it as exciting as practicing your bb-gun-aim off the back porch at soda cans,

or even as relaxing as watching 11 hours of football, straight, while eating your last gluttonous calories before that dang New Year’s Diet kicks in.

However, should you be sitting at a table somewhere around the New Year, needing something intentional {or maybe even funny} to distract you from choking down Aunt Mary’s Black Eyes and Collards, well,

you can thank me, later.

Happy New Year, Friends. 

Need some other good reflection questions for the New Year? Check out Tsh’s post on Simple Mom, which was the inspiration for this one.

  • http://www.lifefordessert.com/ Logan@LifeforDessert

    Love that idea! AND….before this recipe for black eyed peas and collards (http://lifefordessert.com/2011/12/29/whats-cooking-for-new-years-day/)…I’d have been right there with you on the choking thing!

    Love you friend!!! Hope the New Year puts us in actual chairs across from one another…coffee in hand…with hours and hours to spare!

    • http://www.lauraparkerblog.com Laura

      You are impressive– making black eyes and collards taste GOOD?! ha ha!

      And yes, I wish for that, too . . .

      love you, L

      ps– Got your christmas card!! All the way here! Loved seeing your precious boys!

  • Paige

    Wish we were with your awesome family to do this activity together and welcome in the new year! Miss you!

    • http://www.lauraparkerblog.com Laura

      ohhhh . . .me too!!! Miss you guys so much and hope your break was relaxing! Stay warm, friend– I hear there’s snow?! Man, we miss that! It was sooo hot today!

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