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by Laura on November 5, 2011

A Look Back

On the value of living a life, vulnerable to others. Life in a Fishbowl.

A funny story about when my kid told me Jesus was gonna beat me up.

A reminder to keep fighting, even when it’s hard. The Swim Upstream.

A Look Around

Amber’s words nearly always catch my breath. Here she talks about a normal morning, turned beautiful.

Listen to this true story of an undercover investigator into the sex industry, Daniel Walker, author of God in a Brothel.

My friend Logan’s blog has a host of recipes like this Black Eyed Stew, along with loads of  decorating and life-tips.

Artistic and honest, Mandy writes about fighting and her love/hate relationship with it on the post, Craving Paradox: Watching Fight Club.


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  • Jenna@CallHerHappy

    Did you take that picture? What wonderful colors. I hope you have that framed in your house :)


  • Logan@LifeforDessert

    Thanks girlie for the mention love! I love you! And Amber’s words do have a way to take you breath away don’t they?!

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