God Only Loves Winners

by Laura on October 30, 2011

We admit it– we’re Survivor fans.  We’ve watched Boston Rob rise and fall and then rise again, we’ve rooted for firefighter Tom from New York, and we’ve rolled our eyes at evil-maniac Russell who burned people’s socks. And even though they’ve been recycling challenges for the past 10 seasons of the current 23 {really, how many wooden puzzle piece-obstacle games could you come up with?}, we still love watching the way this social-game-meets-ethical-quagmire-meets-physical-challenge plays out differently, and dramatically, each season.

And this week’s episode had Matt and I talking the next morning– about the way religion and Godprayer and winning play out in much more than a reality tv show. Watch the first 1  1/2 minutes of the reactions after a game-changing challenge  . . .

And I see human nature show itself  in this modern-day Lord of the Flies, and I’m left with this:

What happens next week when they pray, and then get their tails handed to them by the other team? Did they pray wrong that time, but right this time? Does a loss mean God’s displeasure and, thus,  require a very different argument to rationalize?


Has the church or religion become a Coach {the leader from the winning team}– dictating the way the group as a whole responds, essentially shoving others to their knees smack-dab in the middle of very-human moments? {If you’ve watched previous episodes, you get the understanding that most of the teammates do not claim a strong Christian faith.}


{More Personally} Have I looked like that before? Have I done that before– the pushing to knees, the over-spiritualization of perhaps very ordinary things?

Have I somehow come to believe that God works mostly on the if/then principle–  an idea much more palatable, obviously, to the winning team?


Thoughts? What part of the video struck you most about life, yourself, religion, human nature?
Survivor-fan yourself