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by Laura on October 13, 2011

And, now, for some happy . . .

I looked at my school schedule last week and noticed we were already on week 12.  Combine that fact with the reality that we were all beginning to hate phonics workbooks and math facts, and our homeschooling took a “fall break” of sorts this week.  We read bunches and even did the ol’ volcano with the spewing vinegar-and-baking-soda trick {yeah, you know the one}. The kids took a “field trip” to a pancake shop with Matt, and we took a day to do all those creative painting projects that are too messy , I mean, I don’t have time for in the regular school week. We also busted out a gansta’ rap for a Bible verse we talked about one morning– 1 Thessalonians 5:17.  Yeah, potentially, the highlight of the whole week. Well, not potentiallydefinitely the highlight.

  • http://kendalprivette.blogspot.com kendal

    this could go viral, laura!

    • http://www.lauraparkerblog.com Laura

      haha. . . . my daughter would just love that– she is like the little performer all. the. time.

  • Kelley L


  • http://Homegrownsunshine.wordpress.com Anna

    Super cute! Way to break out of the norm.


    • http://www.lauraparkerblog.com Laura

      Thanks, girl. Amazing how long it took to put all that dag-gum jewelry back, though. Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying fall over in beautiful NC.

  • http://www.stumblingaroundinthelight.com Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight


  • Michelle

    Sooo cute Laura!! Kelty looks so old, like a little diva! Cade’s smile and costume are too funny! Britt just may be able to get them a record deal :) ‘Thanks for sharing! Love ya!

  • http://immunotec.com/robhairston Mark Rob Hairston

    Hey Laura I did not know what verse that was Now I do. Funny that I would read that right now, because the other day I locked my keys in my truck. I had driven a Tow Truck before and had a lockout tool but it got stuck to where I could not get it out, and had to break in through my Sliding glass window, which I was able to do without breaking a window too. That was one of the first versus I memorized when I first started back to church 6 months ago. I love it so much meaning in one sentence, as in all scriptures. It could always be worse.

    • http://www.lauraparkerblog.com Laura

      Mark– sorry about getting locked out, but what a helpful practical verse to remember at such a time!

  • http://ckbarber.tumblr.com Caitlin Barber

    This. Is. Precious.
    LOVE you, Laura. (And the family)

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