Community, Church & Power Lines

by Laura on July 5, 2011

Enjoy this post from the archives {originally written January 2011}.  It’s one of my personal favorites. I think I just like the pictures.

Community is a tangle of lives.

It’s a continuous intersection of time and opinions–

a chaotic convergence of Stories and personalities.

Community means inconvenient birthday parties and trashed playrooms and awkward moments when you have to get your kid to stop hitting theirs.

Community means calling her when she’s hiding and it means loving well– even when they get on your nerves.

And it costs– money, time, Saturday mornings, privacy, pride.

And Community is always, always messy–

Sometimes painfully so.

But the Mess doesn’t negate the value, the necessity, of the Coming Together.

The connection.  The rest.  The sharing of the Common.

Because after the joining, comes the

speeding of Life down wires to a million different places.

And I wonder if Church should become more like the Asian Utility Pole

a continuous, messy intersecting

Tied together, then going out,

again and again and again.


Within church or not, who makes up your Community right now?  Do you think the American Church fosters authentic Community?