Just, Hammered.

by Laura on May 20, 2011

Ever felt hammered by life?

Ever needed the arms of Another to hold you up,

to help you ride a wave that you just couldn’t manage on your own?

Enjoy this {kinda-funny} image of the daily Battling . . .

*Disclaimer: We are not terribly irresponsible parents to let our kid body surf despite the scary No Swimming Sign. He really didn’t go out that far. And, really, it’s a foreign country– signs don’t mean much, anyway.

Thoughts?  Feeling hammered yourself?  Remember a time when God or another person helped you battle the waves?


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  • flyinjuju

    Ahh, very recently, as in last week, I had been struggling with a just surviving life and my attitude was noticably less than my normal cheerful self. This had been going on for several months and it was just not something I could lift myself out. My husband has been so amazingly helpful, wise, and understanding. We have had countless changes this last year and he saw that those were taking their toll. I am so grateful for an awesome guy and thankful that when I cried out to God He lifted the weight. Life has gone back to normal, but I pray that my heart will remain sensitive to the lessons learned.

    • http://www.lauraleighparker.com Laura

      Absolutely. The “just surviving life” takes it’s toll, doesn’t it? If you have been handling lots of transitions, I get it– It’s so hard to life in the in-between.

      Glad you were able to ride the wave and be back to normal for a bit. Glad you had a husband that was helping you out in the water. :)

  • Jeremy M

    That was classic, definitely had me laughing. The music and editing was perfect.

    • http://www.lauraleighparker.com Laura

      So I was going to use that old song, “I get knocked down, but I get up again.” But, maybe that would have dated me, too. ah-hem.

      Thanks! It was fun to put together.

      • http://jeremymckemy.bandcamp.com Jerem y M

        I suppose you are right about that song. But it would have dated me as well because I would have been singing along.

  • Amy

    The music was awesome! We could all take lessons from Cade’s persistence in our own waves of life! Remember that beach trip in MD where we fought our own waves? Hahahaha

    • http://www.lauraleighparker.com Laura

      YES! I totally was telling Matt about that time on that day at the beach. I was telling him how a few times I got flipped just like summersaulted and how it wasn’t about riding the waves as much as just bracing ourselves and not getting knocked over by them.

      love you, sis.

  • http://www.stumblingaroundinthelight.com Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight

    Dang, that is SO cool!!!!!!!!
    How did you do that funky video effect??? And the music is excellent! What fun!
    Hmmm…maybe you have a future career in media production…!

    • http://www.lauraleighparker.com Laura

      Oh, Thanks! It was a fun distraction one afternoon. I used iMovie with a Mac and used the “aged film” effect. Super easy. Gotta love technology!

  • http://jendanellenarianna.blogspot.com Jennifer

    Ha, I laughed out loud. Great job with the video–slow motion and music was perfect! I’ve been playing around with imovie lately too and it’s kind of addicting. I’m teaching the girls how to use it also. Reminds me of the time when Daniel and Matt were body surfing at the beach when Ellen was just a baby. Having a ball! love you guys, Jen

    • http://www.lauraleighparker.com Laura


      Totally fun, isn’t it? But time consuming, right? Matt just worked on doing a video of our beach vacay and it took him forever to play around with it. I guess it brings out the perfectionist sometimes! What a cool thing to teach your girls.

      And yes, totally remember hanging with ya’ll at the beach. Miss you guys and hope you are enjoying warmer weather!

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