Quiet Heroes

by Laura on May 23, 2011

{Staff of Breanna’s House of Joy:  Wipada (accounting), ChatChai (director), Matt (chairman of foundation), Judah (maintenance and driver), Leah (cook), Gay (house mother), Ahlameet (house mother), Ben (exec. assistant, English teacher)}

We celebrate the beautiful and the famous and the ones on stage.  We admire the ones with graphic-blogs and lots of fans on twitter.  We give money to causes that are feel-good dramatic, and we jump on the band-wagon of the coolest new website.  We call them heroes with the loudest voices.

And sometimes they are.

But, other times, maybe oftentimes, it’s not the known, but the unknown–  not the standing-tall, but the stooping-low that is the stuff of the true heroes.

Because there are people laying down their lives for the Kingdom on every latitude, without a website or a twitter account.  There are selfless men and women who are loving in radical, sacrificial ways that will never be known on facebook or have a blog.

I got an email from a missionary the other day who serves in a closed country.  She can’t get public applause about their family’s work, for fear of government eyes.

I know a ministry here that is literally rescuing girls from brothels, but they don’t have a website that would catch any one’s eye.

I think of the single-mom and the teacher and the good friend, who pour out for the sake of another, without notice or fanfare.

And I watch six national staff work harder than I ever have, and I know to the core that so often the loudest applause in this world goes to the wrong people.


*This photo was taken before a staff lunch, celebrating the promotion of ChatChai to the position of Director of BHJ Children’s Home.We are continually impressed by his work and ability.

Your Turn.  Know a quiet hero? If superficial things didn’t matter, who should be the real heroes in our society?