My Bad, This is Funnier

by Laura on April 11, 2011

I wrote in my last post that the video of Ava eating worms was my favorite video from our time in SE Asia.  I was wrong.  This one is, quite possibly, much funnier, and I figured it would be a happy way to end my series on this past year.

Thanks, again, for journeying with me over the last 365 days. I never thought I could find so much encouragement from people I’ve never met in real-life or from friends I haven’t seen in person for a year or more.  What a gift you all have been to me. {Cue “Wind Beneath My Wings” background music, please. Ah-hem.}

Of course, most- funny-video contentions were the following, if you missed them the first time:

*When my mom, daughter, and I paid to have fish nibble our feet

*When my kids and I wore swim caps and goggles and Barbies on our heads

See, I told you missions was just sooooo hard.  {Insert big smiley-face-winking here.}


Okay, ‘fess up.  What’s one of the silliest things you’ve ever done?

  • Andrea Matthews

    Nope, I still vote for “Ava Eats Worms” as the funniest!

    • Laura

      okay– maybe i do, too.

      maybe this one should win “weirdest” instead.

  • Ashley

    Just watched this with my daughter sitting beside. She thinks it’s hilarious! :)

  • Laura

    Silliest things I’ve done?

    Perhaps my sister and I’s “spontaneously-choreographed” rendition of a hip-hop routine reminiscent of “So You Think You Can Dance” at a family contest to the song “Battlefield.”

    Or maybe when a few of us counselors at summer camp covered ourselves in mud to go all Rambo during a game against the campers.

    Or . . . gosh, it’s hard to think of these– maybe this is a bad question . . . .

  • Tamara

    Sadly, I’m not known for being silly – am now trying to capture that quality! Silliest of late is dressing up like a pirate w/ grandson and going out and about like that BECAUSE HE WANTED TO. Silly-looking, yes. Silly-nurturing, no!
    YOU are creating the silly nurturing of your children – WA-HOO for them and for you!

    • Laura

      Tamara, I love the idea of you in a pirate outfit. And NOT on Halloween even. That definitely qualifies as pretty goofy, my friend! And I bet your grandson loved every minute of it.

  • Evan Stookey


    Laura I just read through all of your “first year” posts you have posted thus far, and i am so inspired! Seriously, it makes me want to milk life for all its worth!!! I am so encouraged and filled with passion to see you and your family trudging through the trials you face. Its amazing.

    There was a Thrice song i was listening to this morning, and one of the lyrics says, “A child of dust to mother now return; for every seed must die before it grows. and though above the world may toil and turn, no prying spade will find you here below. Now safe beneath their wisdom and their feet, Here i will teach you truly how to sleep. ” I thought of the lyric when you mentioned said something along the lines of the fire showing your true colors, and you felt there was more alluminum than gold (or something like that).

    Anyway, just letting you know your blog is wonderful & super challening/thought provoking!!!

    • Laura

      Evan, thanks so much. Seriously, thanks for reading, for encouraging. Loved those lyrics– gonna have to check out that song.

      Will you be around CO in June? I know Matt would flip to see you . . .

  • Amy Sullivan

    If I wasn’t watching this, I would think you made it up!

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