When a Stateside Church Sends a Missionary . . .

by Laura on January 17, 2011

. . . the missionary family should say “thank you” on Missions Sunday.

Here’s our family doing just that for the church that has become our main avenue of support, Woodland Park Community.

Click on the photo below to view the 2 minute video, and try not to be too amused with how difficult it is to do public video with children who can see themselves on the computer.  Notice faces being made, loose teeth being displayed, and toddlers throwing themselves around laps.  But be especially careful not to miss the Colgate-white-toothed smile of mom of said-children, either. Notice it’s cheesy plastered-ness.

Yeah, I noticed it, too

But, no, we didn’t do it over.

Matt said we couldn’t.

{Click the picture to view the video, a few photos bookending our family’s message.  It may take a minute to load, be patient.}

And, go ahead, and tell me– what was the dorkiest/funniest thing you saw in the video?  Really, I’m telling you to make fun of us.  I know I do.

  • http://www.25kidsandcounting.blogspot.com Anne-Marie Friesema

    Loved your video in church yesterday. There were a few little moments of laughter from the gallery. Mostly when Ava kept putting her face in front of the camera and at the beginning with Cade’s super-smile! Love it! I mostly love that it’s real. It’s your life and it’s good to see a glimpse. I do think there was communication however and not just focus on the your cute silly kids. Loved to see your face in church.

  • Adina Henderson

    Do I dare be as honest as I want to be? Your video was the BEST part of the whole missions emphasis. Everything else was…sadly dry. Of course, I have to take into account that, for reasons I haven’t figured out yet, I really really didn’t want to be in church yesterday.

    It was GOOD to see your faces. GOOD.

    • http://www.lauraleighparker.com Laura

      Adina, Trish, Anne-Marie, Thank you so much for your encouragement. Really. Wish I could see each of you over coffee at Starbucks in that little mountain town I love.

      Love yall, Laura

  • Trish

    So funny friend! I did notice all the above mentioned funnies in church yesterday…. I really loved the fact that you didn’t redo it and that you talked about it. I just can’t get enough of your honesty!!!!!!

  • http://mifeys.blogspot.com jonna

    I love how real you are and how when I watch your kids being silly, I can imagine mine acting the very same way. It gives me hope that our family will be okay once we finally head overseas (planning to book tickets for June 11, 2011!!)
    Could you please tell me what song was playing in the background? It just kind of captured me.

    • http://www.lauraleighparker.com Laura

      Hi Jonna . .. Exciting that things are moving along for you guys! Keep us posted. How is your heart doing?

      The song was “Still Alive” by Lisa Miskvosky. Matt heard it on a video game, i think, and loved it and got it from Itunes. :)

  • http://www.stumblingaroundinthelight.com Teri Miller

    Okay, yeah, we all laughed & giggled, watching you all up on the big screen…but it was in the BEST way possible. Made us feel like family, y’know? ‘Cause we all have that same squashed-into-the-screen, plastered-on-smiles thing happening sometimes. Trying to keep the little ones still. Hoping the older ones won’t say something embarrassing. Or fart.

    It was awesome. Nothing to make fun of; lots to delight in. Truly.

  • http://amylsullivan.blogspot.com/ Amy Sullivan

    Sweet video. Your wiggley kids are precious.

  • http://marlataviano.com Marla Taviano

    Love the video. You guys are awesome!!!

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