Angry Missionary @ {In}courage

by Laura on January 21, 2011

Six months ago, I threw my daughter’s bike across the front yard.  Literally.

It was most definitely not one of the better moments of my missionary-ish career here, thus far.

But I wrote about it anyway.

And today you can read the story {about dreams and culture shock} by clicking over to —

{In}Courage {Angry Missionary}.

  • Corrina Kelley

    Beautifully transparent and I am sure painfully honest. Thank you. You spoken God’s truth into my life.

    • Laura

      Thanks, Corrina. Glad you are encouraged here . . . :)

  • Tracy in NJ

    Oh Laura thanks for being so real here. As another gal who loves the Lord but lets my temper get the better of me I can so relate to the tantrum thing. I just keep going back to 1 John 1:9 and thank God for a savior who redeems me! Amen!

  • Courtney

    Can I just say, I cannot imagine doing what you are doing. I admire it so much. I am in awe, even with the cursing and stomping. I would have been cursing and stomping, too. For sure. Thank you for your honesty about how following Christ is not always easy. You and your family are in my prayers.

    • Laura

      Thanks for your prayers, Courtney.

      And, really, really, don’t admire us too much. {Wink, wink}

  • Aubrey

    Laura, I so appreciate your honesty in this post. I find it beautifully refreshing. You’re so right, in all our high hopes and dreams for living out the passions Christ has placed inside us actually trying to live it out can sometimes be a smack in the face. I’m convinced no matter how much God has prepared our hearts we still have major growth to go through as we seek to daily live our life to glorify His name where He has called us. I said a pray for you and your family today.
    For His glory,

    • Laura

      Aubrey, Thanks for praying, thanks for encouraging.

      I loved what you wrote about how the reality of following Christ can often be a “smack in the face.” Absolutely. And I think the bigger question is,

      What is OUR response to the “smack in the face”?

      Maybe that’s where our true faith is built.

  • Annie

    Hello Laura! I am so pleased to have found your blog. Yes, this angry moment, so open and honest and true! I had a vision of a little girl waiting for me. I told her I would be there soon. Now 2 years later we are just months away from traveling to adopt our daughter! The dream has been long and many times, very hard. I have worked a lot of extra hours to save money. Sometimes, I’m so tired and don’t usually work so many hours with our 3 kids. I find myself on occasion saying outbursts such as, “why didn’t you pick up your room?!! Don’t you know we have a daughter to go and get, I have to work hard, and I’m not the maid!!” This isn’t how I behave on a regular basis, LOL! But on those occasions when I’ve reached my limit, I have those moments. Of course later apologizing and realizing that God has it in his hands. I’m not super mom and He doesn’t at all need me to be.
    Besides our adoption, I dream of doing just what you are doing. I mean, I just CAN’T shake it. It seems an impossibility for us, but none-the-less, I imagine it. That hope is always there. But the reality check of what it would be like to actually live as a missionary, must be looked at closely. Thanks for sharing! I will be praying for you!

    • Laura

      Annie, glad to have “met” you, and WOW– adopting a daughter! That most definitely is the realization of a dream. What a beautiful physical taste of the Promise coming true. I can’t wait till you go get her! But, I hear you– I can’t imagine the sacrifice and struggle it has taken your whole family to get to that place.

      Thank heavens for grace
      heaped upon
      heaped upon

  • Cara Williams

    Hi. I saw this on {in}courage and it was so home to me that I travelled over to your blog. It made me laugh. It made me feel your pain. It made me so appreciate the work our friends overseas do everyday. Thanks for serving and for sharing your life! I’m going to follow it…hope that’s ok :)

    • Laura

      Cara- thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement! Of course, jump on into to following. Glad to have you along. :)

  • Kris

    Thanks for sharing. Hang in there. Years ago I also got angry in public when my nurses didn’t do what I had told them on the phone. So when I arrived at the hospital and the patient was still in danger without the treatment I had told them to do I was mad. They in turn blamed my language skills and decided to fight with me vs. treat the lady who was bleeding all over the floor. I dramatically dropped to my knees and begged them to forgive me and save the lady’s life. Very dramatic, over the top and not cultural. The lady was saved, I apologized for real and slunk back home wondering how the Lord could possibly use a failure like me. Thankfully He loves us. He picks us up. Dusts us off and let’s us try again. He’s still working on me–and I’m thankful.

    • Laura


      I loved your honest story!! I could just picture you in the ER that day! But I loved your very true takeaway . . .

      “He loves us. He picks us up. Dusts us off and let’s us try again.”


  • Joni

    Hi Laura

    This is a beautiful post… Honesty is so healing! Thanks so much for finding my blog – I’m really enjoying looking through yours now!! I’ll keep up with your blog – it’s so interesting reading about your experiences as someone living the solution.

    Thanks again

    Joni xx

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  • Marlana

    I know I shouldn’t laugh at this, but I am glad I’m not the only one who has gotten angry of bikes, and transportation in general in Thai. I’ve experienced bikes breaking sooooooooo much. And I’ve cried in the middle of Chiang Mai traffic. I just can’t stand it. At all.

    • Laura

      ha ha ha . .. yeah, it was not a pretty sight at all!! And traffic is prob. source of stress number one.

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