When Christmas Ain’t Cool

by Laura on December 21, 2010

I’m used to Eggnog Lattes and crackling fires and Colorado-chill,

but this year, I have instant coffee over ice and flip-flops and hot-enough-to-swim weather.

I’m used to driving the neighborhoods to look at lights on houses with pajama-clad kids in the backseat,

but tonight I sat in a 15-passenger van beside my son in his Taekwondo uniform and saw Christmas lights decorating girly-bars.

I’ve tasted the holidays with extended family and egg casserole for brunch and cousins-playing and wild games for the treasured Pink Flamingo,

but this year, my in-laws will board a plane back to America, and we’ll taste our first Christmas morning, with the quiet of only our small-five,

and a Skype-date with Home.

And to say that this Christmas feels like any I’ve ever known before would be an ignorantly-optimistic statement. But like so many things of this first year overseas, I am learning that I can choose gratitude for the abundance in my hands, or I can complain about the things that are just beyond my reach.

And when my gaze is fixed on the Have-Not more than the Have,

well, dangit, the Merry of Christmas slinks out the back door, and The Grinch takes residence in the living room right in front of that tacky, plastic tree.

How is THIS Christmas different from others you’ve had in years past? ¬†What are the “disappointments” about the season?

Are you struggling?

The above is a picture of my sisters and I, jumping on our trampoline in Colorado last year. Gosh, I love those girls.